What tips help to enhance immunity in daily life

By: Hayden

In autumn, the immunity of the human body is not as good as we think, and the bacteria rampant leading to spread of the influenza virus. Don't fall ill, have to increase the body's immunity, so we can enhance immunity through the good way of life in daily life. Let us know about it.

Low immunity symptoms:

1, easy to fall ill
When the body's immune function disorders or immune system is not perfect, the following questions will be repeated attack: Cold, tonsillitis, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, so have to be careful.
Often have sick will increase the body's consumption, so generally has physical weakness, malnutrition, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, sleep disorder and other symptoms. If a long time like this will lead to physical and mental development bad, also easy to trigger a major disease.

2, the sense of fatigue
When work, often feel tired out, slightly do something to feel tired, go to the hospital to check did not find any organic disease, after a period of time to rest your energy and ease, sustained a few days, the feeling of fatigue appeared again.

3, wound easy to be infected
No matter which part of the body was not careful not to be scratched, wound will be redness within a few days, and even discharging, normal people will soon be good, but you have to last for a long time; or one part of your body, such as hip growing a painful itch small boils, a few days again grow one on the head.

4, gastrointestinal disease
Eat a simple meal outside, other people are safe and sound, but you have diarrhea.

The methods of improving immunity:

1, the high quality sleep
High quality sleep can promote the body to produce more sleep factor, sleep factor can promote leukocytosis, and enhance liver detoxification capacity, then can kill the bacteria and virus invading the human body, therefore, the high quality sleep may help to improve the immunity of the human body, help the health in autumn.

2, optimistic mood
Now people's living and working pressure is big, the pressure causes the body producing a kind of inhibitor, which will directly affect the normal work of immune cells, so people should learn to adjust the mood, work and learn with relaxed and happy mood, using this optimism to improve immunity.

3, limit alcohol consumption
Excessive drinking will harm the liver and spleen, when the blood alcohol is too high, will affect the normal physiological functions of immune cells, it is recommended that you drink less, even wine, drinks a cup a day.

4, moderate exercise
Research shows that, exercise not only can enhance the immune system function, but also increase the number of immune cells, thus enhancing immunity, you also do not necessarily do some very strenuous activities, such as climbing stairs, walk after lunch.

5, often wash their hands
The truth of washing hands is self-evident, but most people do not regard it as right. We should more wash their hands with soap every day in the influenza epidemic season. The correct way to wash, can let 1billion people around the world away from the cold, and also the prevention of other infectious diseases.

6, multi vitamin and mineral supplements
Vitamins and minerals can affect the number and activity of immune cells, therefore, suggest that you eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and other health food, to supplement the vitamins and minerals the body needs.

7, learn to use probiotics
Probiotics is a kind of micro ecological preparation, it is good to enhance immunity effect, such as the common intestinal bifidobacteria could stimulate the lymphocyte proliferation in the body, produce a variety of antibodies, strengthen the immunity of the human body, but also can eliminate pathogenic microorganisms of various alien.

8, eat apples:
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Apple, cabbage and green tea contain a natural antioxidant called quercetin, which can let people to enhance immunity under pressure.

9, maintain body temperature above 36. 5 degrees
Research shows that, body temperature drops 1 degree, immunity will drop 30%, especially in autumn and winter, many people are easy to get colds, formally as the temperature drops, the body gets cold, causing various disorders, therefore, to maintain normal body temperature is an important prerequisite for the autumn health.

10, to ensure balanced nutrition
Enhance the body immunity, nothing is more important than to eat healthy, many people only consider the delicious, but very few people can calm down and think about the diet to be reasonable? Experts here remind everyone. Every meal should assure to eat some fruits and vegetables, to ensure the diversification of diet.

11, adjust the breath, and learn meditation
Meditation training can make people calm the nervous system, help to release the pressure, regulate sleep, and enhance resistance.

12, pay attention to clean the oral cavity
Brush your teeth carefully, often mouthwash slobber, can improve immunity. Poor oral health can lead to periodontitis, thus lead to diabetes or heart disease, so good oral clearance is the first step to ensure health.

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