What ten zombie games are highly anticipated

By: Hayden

Zombies theme of TV shows, movies, and games has become a trend, even so, we still have reason to expect the following ten unlisted zombie theme works.
10. "State of Decay"
"State of Decay", originally called "Class3", is XBLA exclusive open world game developed by Undead Labs. The game emphasizes survival, stealth, and creating. You can find the survivors to form a group, to find and arm base, looking for supplies everywhere - basically everything you have done is almost the same with the real loss of doomsday, you can not cry like a baby lying on the floor, waiting for the bad things disappeared, you only can face the reality, act now!
9 "Resident Evil Revelations"
Admittedly, "Resident Evil Revelations" was on sale last year on the Nintendo 3DS, but this will be fully transplanted to the host and PC really makes us excited, even we've played a handheld version. First, Capcom used a high-quality model, even rebuilt all sound and light effects. The game also brings great experience to those who have not played this game, is the second best biochemical games since the "Resident Evil 4".
8 "Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z"
In September of last year, it had been released has caused a lot of vibration. The game is essentially a combination of the "Ninja Gaiden" and Zombie. Your enemy is the leading character of these games series. Is it a Ninja zombies game made by the studio who has made the "NinjaGaiden" series? Look forward to it!
7 "Dead Island: Riptide"
The first generation of "Death Island" didn't cause a sensation the same with advertising video, but it is one of the best cooperative games in recent years. Nothing is more comfortable than using broadsword, car battery, electronic cutter and other weapons to kill zombies. "Riptide" integrates the advantages of its predecessor and adds a dynamic weather system that can lead to a flood, a readily available boat will assist you surging in the blood. The game is also built many tower defense games.
6. "Human Element"
It may be the most well-known of Robert Bowling is he has been involved in the production of "Call of Duty" series of Inifinity Ward. His studio is currently not known, because they have not issued a game. Bowling and his Robotoki studio now are direct to more long-term development, the game is called the "Human Element", is a survival game. The tale of the game only will be released in the new host Ouya. The whole game will have to wait for being on sale until 2015.
5 "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct"
Activision and development group Terminal Reality wants to invest in this popular game, the prequel of TV series keeps up with Daryl and Merle Dixon brothers' perspective, before they have not encountered Rick and his gang. Now Drama did not give the impression to too many players. But before the game came out in March, no matter who can decide whether it can be successful.
4. "ROAM"
Independent horror game is hot now. Because independent game makers who do not scruple publisher's request, can be more free to develop their creativity. The most exciting horror game is "ROAM". The kind of zombies game contains the characteristics of all the zombie theme games: looking for supplies, fighting, survive. Special place in this work is that it focuses on building your own base, the authors have demonstrated a variety of changes in the tool, and you may even be able to develop numerous ways to resist the invasion of zombies.
3 "World War Z"
"World War Z" is a very good book, and this book is about to be adapted into a movie. The film version is integrated into a number of elements, the adapted version of the game is also identified may be beyond the original work, if adapted well.
2. "DayZ"
Let us forget the "World War Z". Do not let that game to end the best open-world zombie game in the history. The producer of this game has obviously feelings to type of subject matter, you can see from their postponed the game, and the attitude of overthrow redo. I believe the independent game "DayZ" absolutely will not let you down.
1. "The Last of Us"
Naughty Dog proved to us that they are not only able to provide us of cinematic and strong narrative successful "Uncharted" series. "The Last of Us" is the team for the first time to transfer their goal from Drake's adventure. The game is made by them now, and even may be beyond of "Uncharted" series. "The Last of Us" looks more beautiful, horror, and memorable. I believe this work will become the masterpiece that we had never seen.

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