What tax-free shopping skills when travel at abroad

By: Hayden

Duty-free goods also contain taxes
In many people's impression, the duty-free is the commodity "naked price", in addition to the price of the commodity itself, is not to impose any taxes. In fact, the tax included in the commodity is actually a lot, usually have import tariffs, consumption tax, value-added tax and so on. In some countries and regions, commodities also include the cost of the local building or welfare.
The duty-free goods, are usually free the part of the import tariff, which is more concentrated in the 20% to 100%. Other taxes can't be free of duty-free goods. Relatively, drawback goods also have tax, so only drawback the consumption tax and VAT included in the commodity. Therefore, the two can be combined is ideal.
Shopping in duty-free shop can also be rebate tax
Whether the duty-free or tax rebate you can only choose one? Of course not. First, categories of taxes the two are free or refund taxes is completely different, tax exemption is just free the tariff of import, but the rebate refund is consumption tax and VAT, this part of the tax rate is often high, mostly concentrated in the 5% ~ 20%. From the name of the shop, they can be relatively simple distinguished into duty-free shops and rebate shops. DUTY FREE is duty-free shop. TAX FREE is rebate shop.
But it is worth reminding, not only purchase of merchandise in rebate shop can be tax rebates, in many countries, for foreign tourist, they all have the tax rebate policy, even in the duty free shopping is no exception, so when shopping, had better ensure with the business in advance. In particular, some souvenir shops, and local specialty shops, are usually tax rebate.
In different countries, there is different the tax rebate policy, most countries have the rule of "can enjoy the minimum amount of the rebate", not all goods can casually rebate. For example, Australia requires visitors purchased goods valued at more than $ 300 from the same store in the 30 days before the departure. They can apply for a refund; minimum amount of tax rebate of the French is 175 euros.
However, this limit has a specific requirement, that is, must cost exceeding this limit in the same day in the same business, they can apply for a refund, and some even require to achieve this amount with a consumer bill. So, you want a successful tax rebate, it needs certain skills. First you need to plan for your own need to buy something, and try to choose a merchant, if have companion, best to go together to buy, it is neither over-consumption, and you also can enjoy the preferential treatment together.
In free zone also has tax shop
Duty-free shops in International Airport are usually shopping area, when departure after passing frontier inspection
or not pass frontier inspection before immigration, will have so-called Free Zone, which is actually outside the customs, in this region, basically be able to see the array of duty-free shops. However, this does not represent all of the region's businesses sell duty-free goods. A lot of merchandise here you can enjoy the preferential policies of import and export taxes, but not all goods are duty-free.
The duty-free shops usually have obvious signs, the goods in the duty-free shops are duty-free, and the goods other merchants sell have no much difference with these in general store, and sometimes even more expensive, because the airport shops generally do not discount or promotion activity. So, go shopping in the airport, still need to carefully distinguish from the duty-free shops, and tax shops.

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