What should women do when life gets overwhelming?

By: Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT

Everyone has their own view on life. On the one extreme, there are those who are overly optimistic to the point where it seems like nothing can bring them down. On the other extreme, there are those who seem to be ridiculously pessimistic. In between these two extremes, there are those who seem to not care one way or the other, or who go through a day of optimism only to wake up the next morning to a life they view with total pessimism. Few seem to achieve a balance, and those who seem to be in one extreme may simply be trying to compensate for their true feelings.

Life, for anyone, despite who they are or what they are going through can become quite overwhelming. Loans, ever increasing debts, cheating spouses, failed courses, missed goals, lost times, lack of money to feed the kids; all these things can suck the optimism right out of any woman; especially those who have no one to rely on. It can leave one crying on the floor in total despair at what to do next, because for the last fifteen years things just don't seem to be getting any better despite all the efforts. To make it worse and totally hopeless, it seem the world is falling in on them, trapping them, judging them and crushing the life out of them. One may find themselves at the point to scream, but just don't have the energy. It is at this point, where one will often ask themselves what they can possibly do next.

The answer is simple, if even a very difficult one to follow. The answer is to get up and keep going. How one keeps going is up to them. Some will look at life and work on convincing themselves that it can only get better; that if they are positive enough, they will make a better life for themselves. They try to forget about the past and move on. For some, this works, for others it doesn't. In some cases, the person is simply overcompensating and hiding from their emotions. This is probably just as bad as someone who gives into their pessimism. Both are a strain on one's soul, and neither are going to help one to move forward in life without dragging their feet and hating every minute of it.

Any woman who feels she is hitting rock bottom in life where they think things could only get worse, and stay bad, should seriously think about talking to someone. Sometimes speaking to someone about what is weighing one down can make a big difference, especially for someone who doesn't have anyone who will listen. Speaking to an online counselor can go a long way to relieving some of that burden. Talking about one's problems, frustrations, concerns and worries in life can do a lot for lightening one's spirit. An online therapist will not only listen but they may help one with some advice and suggestions. One does not necessarily have to go through online therapy, but some basic online counseling can help one organize their thoughts and realize some changes they can make in order to get back on the right path in life.

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