What should We Know When We Surf on the Internet?

By: venturiwang

The people will gradually get many illnesses that can harm health if use computers usually, particular for those working people who have to face the computers every day, while don't pay more attention on it.

As follows are the illnesses which caused by computers:

Vision decreased
Dizziness and Headache
Lumbar and Cervical Vertebra Disease
Having Insomnia
Stomach Trouble
Have Influence on Emotion
Memory Loss
Lack of Interest in other activities

Therefore, for those people who logged on computers frequently should be careful of these problems and pay more attention on daily life.

Some advises show here:

Reduce the time taken by online, and this is the most important point. If people spent long time online, it will lead to dizziness, headache or other adverse reactions. On the contrary, less time will not come out this situation. So the people who logged on computers are recommended that to have a rest about ten minutes after one hour work.

Keep exercise. This could improve systemic blood circulation and eliminate some situations that caused by unsmooth flow of blood.

Don't put on air conditioner straight forward to people when they seat before the computer. Owing to seat for long time, and the stable cold wind blowing from the air conditioner will result cold injury.

Maintain the correct sitting posture. Don't skew the cervical vertebra and too near the monitor. If keep the wrong posture for long time, it will cause torticollis, cervical diseases or frequent headache and dizziness.

Select the appropriate height of chairs and computer tables. As the different body height, computer desks and chairs' height will not fit everybody, therefore, the people should choose them depend on their needs.

Drink more water when people sit before computer.

Make a good online environment around you. If both the ventilation condition and hygiene conditions are not good, it will bad for people's health.

Though computers have already played an important role in our day life and people could take lots of benefits from them, we should still take more consideration on our health when touch these advantage tool. Do these details in daily life and it could help you more than you think.

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