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You’ve just found your dream job, you have designed an exceptional resume and you sent it by email to the employer. Now the "expectation" game begins.
After you send a resume, you are tempted to think that now all you have to do is wait and hope that the employer contacts you. It is a big mistake – you should choose when and how you make the next steps.

Interviewers recommend that you wait a week. The ideal period of time to wait before moving to the next steps after you sent your CV, is a week. This is confirmed by most employers. Some employers, however, prefer to contact them after just a few days, 21% say you should wait less than a week since you sent your CV, to contact them. Of course, there are employers who prefer to wait more than a week; of them, 8% say it should wait about two weeks.

There are employers who prefer that you wait to be contacted by them - 19% of employers surveyed in the study mentioned above say that they prefer to contact candidates.
In these conditions, which is the most reliable way? Wait a week, rather like the vast majority of employers.

E-mail is a perfect way to contact company employees, because you can remember that you have joined the job in question and you could once again send your CV without seeming insistent.

On a week after you send your CV, write the employer an e-mail.
Here are some ideas on what to include e-mail question:
- Write your full name and the name of the job for which you applied in the subject line of e-mail.
- Repeat in a professional manner what is your interest and qualifications for this job.
- Attach your CV to this e-mail, because the employer does not need to search through old e-mails to find it.
- Include your full name and the name of the file containing your CV.
- Check out the contents of e-mail before sending it.

If you have decided that instead of sending an e-mail it is best to contact your employer by phone, before doing that, repeat to yourself what you wish to discuss.

Be brief and straightforward - Introduce yourself and remind the employer that you recently submitted a resume and also mention that you are interested in the job. You can ask if they have received your CV and if they recruit candidates for the post. If when you call, an answering machine responds and you are asked to leave a message, you better try to call later to discuss it personal with the employer or the person in charge of recruitment. Try to keep the call as brief as you can and not call several times, in the hope that such will lead to beeing contacted back – you will succeed only to annoy. Nearly half of employers (47%) said they do not support candidates who strongly call, according to a study.

There have been several weeks since you sent your CV and still have not received any response from the employer? Well, in this situation, you do not need to resubmit your CV, in the hope that this time will have more success. Often, employers keep CVs received in a folder, and it is possible to observe that you have sent your CV for that job before, and they can think you forgot about it.
Just when you want to subscribe to another job for the same company, you can send the same resume, or send them an e-mail or contact them by phone.

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