What's the Best Penny Stock Picking Newletter?

By: Mike Marshall

With all of penny stock newsletters on the web nowadays, how can you stumble on the greatest one?Penny stock newletters can often be run by pump and dumpers so you have got to be cautious who you take stock picking advice from.They pile up on the stock before they issue it as a pick to their subscribers (the Pump). When all of the buying comes in and the price goes through the roof, they sell (the Dump).
Do they have real video testimonials and not simply emails that can simply be faked?
Do they post extreme claims that imply you will be a millionaire in two months starting with $500?
Do they expect you to buy 5 new stocks a day and have 30 or 40 positions open at any one instant?
Do they show a table of past picks with hypothetical gains posted?
Are they recognized to be a scam or pump and dumpers?
Let's look at these criteria in a little extra detail.
Actual video testimonials are magnificent since you can catch a grasp of how the genuine traders like the picks and the newsletter service in general. In addition, they are a lot harder to fake.A lot of sites say that each pick is a winner and you can quit your job in no time at all and buy a speed boat. To me at any rate, any site that has pictures of expensive cars and houses on the beach is an immediate red flag that the site is a scam and they are trying to play on emotions. So look for sites that have logical claims on the subject of their service.
Too many newsletter sites give you a bunch of feasible stock picks for the day and then they go on to showcase the winners of the group and magically forget about the losers. Gee, I can do that without trying very hard at all. But I don't care for dozens of open trades that I have to keep track of all of the time. I want to buy and sell stocks that I believe will go up almost immediately. And if they do not, then I sell them and go on to the next penny stock prospect.
Very few things inflame me more than penny stock newsletter sites that illustrate remarkable hypothetical gains. If you are within 20% of the high, you are doing great. I want a penny stock newsletter service that tells me in advance, or with a opportune email, where I should get out with a profit. I have gotten way too greedy loads of times before, only to see the stock price collapse after I had a decent profit. Anyhow, be circumspect of hypothetical gains posted unless the newsletter service in reality does bestow exit advice.
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