What's the Best Long-Term Solution for Getting Rid of Body Hair?

By: Julainne Moores

Body hair might be attractive to some, but it's safe to say that they're not a majority nowadays. Modern styles tend to lean towards clean-shaven bodies and smooth skin, and this goes for both men and women alike. Of course, some people still manage to pull off a look involving body hair properly, but it's highly individual, and if you don't have a well-toned body and various other properties, you're probably out of luck.

On the other hand, shaving your body constantly can be very annoying, especially if your hair grows at a faster rate – and even more so if you frequently make appearances that show your chest and back, requiring you to be shaven all the time. There's also the option of depilation, but let's face it – nobody wants to subject themselves to that on a regular basis. It's tough enough to have to do it once or twice, but doing it every other week just to keep your body clean of any hair is definitely going to be a problem.

There is a solution though – albeit one that might cost you a bit more money than you'd expect to spend on this, and is also not available at every cosmetic studio you'll come across. We're talking about laser hair removal, a relatively new technique which is still under heavy development, but is already showing great results on pretty much everybody. Unless you have some serious skin allergy that would prevent you from using laser hair removal, then it's highly advisable that you give this option a chance.

What's the big deal though? Well, the main difference is that with traditional shaving and depilation, you're just practically cutting the hair at the top instead of getting rid of the entire piece of hair. It will still grow back, because it's still in there. With laser hair removal, a laser is aimed directly into the root of each hair, burning it at the follicle. This prevents the hair from growing back, effectively giving you a permanent solution.

That's how it works in theory, while the reality is slightly less ideal than that – most notably, you may need several sessions to get a truly permanent effect, because the procedure will probably not get all of your hair properly the first time, and you'll still see some hairs growing back here and there. Additionally, you should arm yourself with all the patience you're capable of – this is not only going to take some time, but it can also hurt a bit.

You probably won't notice it at first, but after an hour or two of having a laser burning a tiny spot of your skin and moving across it centimeter by centimeter, you may start to feel uncomfortable, annoyed, and eventually even in pain. Make sure you let the cosmeticians know if there are any such problems so they can pause the procedure and give you some time to rest. It shouldn't take long before you're able to get back under the laser and resume!

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