What’s so Comforting about Comfort Food?

By: Stephen John

Comfort food is described as food that offers a sentimental or nostalgic feeling to the person eating it but is basically food that is easy-to-digest, soft in consistency and is either rich in nutrients or calories. Comfort food is easily prepared and flavorful, which is why most people tend to reach for these whenever they are feeling down in the dumps.

The term “comfort food” first came into being in 1977 when it was first used in Merriam-Webster. It was specifically defined as food eaten to pique emotions, relieve negative psychological effects and increase positive feelings. The feelings of nostalgia or sentiments evoked from eating such foods may be specific to the individual or dictated by culture. The most popular comfort food we reach for in times of sadness usually range from sweet to salty like chocolate, ice cream and a bag of chips.

Foods like these are not something people reach for out of whim. There are reasons why these types of food boost our mood and studies conducted reveal that it is due to the fatty acids contained in these foods that impact the parts of the brain that get activated or suppressed as a result of emotion. This in turn results in what we all know to be emotional eating, which is a coping mechanism to deal with intense feelings, stress or depressed moods. In short, our urge to eat is strongly driven by our moods and emotions.

Most people, however, prefer to think of comfort food as those that remind them of their childhood, of moments wherein they felt their happiest amidst friends and family. Comfort food evokes tasty memories of home cooking, something that is rarely tasted by those who lead hectic lives, those who just don’t have the time to sit down to a proper meal. Whether your favorite comfort food is something sweet like apple pie, something savory like chicken noodle soup and something classic like tuna casserole, home is always something you’ll remember when you partake of these foods.

One of the most popular comfort foods is chicken. When you search for chicken dish ideas online, you will discover that whether you eat it broiled, grilled, roasted or poached, combined with a variety of herbs and spices or just as plain chicken soup, chicken never fails to impress. Both kids and adults alike love the chicken not only due to its taste, but also because of its meaty properties and unequalled tenderness. Chicken also makes for a healthy and nutritious meal and is in fact, the world’s best source of animal protein and the best alternative to red meat. There are also tons of chicken dish recipes that you can make for any occasion and at any time of the year and you can find some of the best recipes online on sites like Foodplus.tv.

You can check tasty chicken recipes in Foodplus. tv and discover just why they are considered a top and healthy comfort food choice. Chicken dishes also offer many health benefits particularly for those who want to lose weight or prevent bone loss and cancer. It is also a very good source of the trace mineral selenium which is an essential component of several major metabolic pathways in the body like thyroid hormone metabolism, antioxidant defense systems and the immune system. It also helps in the repair of blood cells as it eating chicken activates the Vitamin B6 components in chicken meat.

Also, when you watch the food and cooking videos on foodplus. tv that feature chicken recipes, you will find just how versatile chicken can be when you incorporate in as main ingredients for salads like Chicken Bacon Blue Salad or in exotic, spicy Caribbean dishes like Mango Chicken or Chicken Negril. Of course, you can also learn as you watch chicken recipes video in www.foodplus.tv about classic dishes like Chicken Pot Pie with Gravy that never fail to hit the spot. As far as these chicken recipes go, you’ll be surprised at just how many dishes you can create with just chicken.

Another classic comfort food is Italian food. The Italians are renowned for making their food not just very flavorful but also one that makes your palates sing. With their ingenious blending of special herbs and spices, as well as organic produce and olive oil, it is no wonder many people search high and low, through friends or over the internet, trying their best to find recipes from Italy that can bring them to gastronomic heights.

Also, Italian food is noted as well for the health benefits it can provide like calcium from the cheese used in most of your favorite dishes to protect the bones and teeth, unsaturated fats from olive oil that keep your cholesterol levels normal and prevent your arteries from being clogged and complex carbohydrates from pasta to keep your metabolism and energy levels up. Of course, let’s not forget those green and red bell peppers on your pizza that help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. So let’s go ahead and watch how your classic meatballs in tomato sauce are made so you can enjoy that melt-in-mouth tenderness that will not only keep you happy but your heart singing as well.

Whether you take your comfort foods as a main meal or a side dish, they will always raise your spirits and keep you in a good place. You can find more italian food recipes in www.foodplus.tv and be on your way to food heaven.

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Stephen John is a food and wine enthusiast. He blogs about food, wine, and culture and writes wine reviews for a living. He loves to travel and try exotic cuisines of different countries. Tasty chicken dishes are some of the best kinds of comfort food there is. Watch chicken recipes video in www.foodplus.tv and whip up delicious dishes that won’t only make you feel good but make you look good at your next dinner party or casual get together.

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