What points you should know about skincare in winter

By: Hayden

In winter, because of the cold climate, skin is prone to appear peeling, thin veins, wrinkles, lack of water, rough, stain and other issues, and many people are lazy to slowly reduce the skin care due to the cold weather, and even lightly wash the face, which is more likely to cause skin discomfort. What should pay attention to when do skin care in winter? The following will introduce skin care precautions in winter, no matter what skin, these points are applicable.
1. Supple and maintain skin moisture and oil content
The face in addition to adding water, also needs to add oil content. Moisturizing facial moisture can do steam nursing at regular time, but the frequency cannot be too much, and the temperature is not too high, the steam is not suitable to be too close to the face. Try not to choose peel-off mask, or in the process of peel-off, will hurt the dermal collagen and elastic fibers. Facial skin should avoid exposure in the cold too long time. In the room, can use a humidifier. The humidity should be maintained at around 50%. Drink more water, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
2. When you wash your face, use moderate and moist cleanser
Wash your face with warm water, do not use hot water. Even the skin with acne, whelk and other skin problems, the number of washing the face should not be more than twice. Cleansing products in addition to moderate, better contain moisturizing ingredients such as amino acids, do not use too many products containing tartaric acid, retinoic acid, or other ingredients can accelerate cutic exfoliation.
3. Promote skin blood circulation, and improve microcirculation
When the weather turns cold, you need to do skin care, such as facial massage, steam care, mask and so on, to promote skin blood circulation to restore the tension and elasticity of the skin, making skin moist and luster. You can use mild scrub to regularly massage to promote skin blood circulation, remove aging skin, and prevent rough skin. You can use the ring finger to lightly press on the skin around the eye, remember not to circle massage vigorously around the eye. Do appropriate exercise and keep warm.
4. Winter is the golden season for nutritional supplements and whitening skin
Winter is the best time of the skin anti-aging, in winter long time to rest at night can be used to repair damaged skin. It is recommended to use essence skin care products containing a lot of skin nutrients. In the winter, ultraviolet is relatively less is suitable for doing intense pulsed light therapy to get rid of spots and redness.
5. In winter, you also cannot ignore the sunscreen
In winter, mid-wave ultraviolet intensity in the sun is prone to cause sunburn is declined significantly, however, long wave UVA causing pigmentation, photoaging, and wrinkles has not changed much, so daily need to use of sunscreen in winter. In snowy weather, remember to use a high-powered sunscreen products.

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