What kinds of ecommerce business should have daily deals?

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One of the most effective ways by which an ecommerce business can make a good turnover is by offering deals. Which customer would not like a good offer? If a customer can buy three trousers at the price of two, it would have the ecommerce website up and busy, with the cash registers ringing all the time. The prospect of a good offer is as tempting for an online shopper as it is for a shopper in a physical store. Yet, no matter how beneficial it may be for an ecommerce business to rope in customers with offers; there is no universal rule about them. While most products are perfect for offers, only some are suited for daily deals. There is a big difference between those that can be offered on a daily basis and those whose frequency needs to be on the lower side.
Those that click…
An ecommerce website is sure to attract a lot of hits if it offers daily deals on products like consumer items. No individual or family can subsist without a purchase of soaps, toothpastes, hand washes and groceries. Of these, one can rest assured that the items that could sell like hot cakes if offered as daily deals are toiletries. Customers are almost certain to find offers like one mouthwash free for three toothpastes enticing.
And those that don’t…
There are several products that people use frequently, although not on a day-to-day basis. One of the first such examples that come to mind is merchandising items. We all have a fancy for shopping bags, caps, shoes and apparels. But we would rarely look for offers day in and day out. An ecommerce business will not expect to do too well at putting up such goods on a daily deals basis.
Blending for better business
A mix and match policy makes sense for ecommerce businesses that sell both items that are offered on daily deals and those that are offered less frequently. In the course of offering daily deal items, an ecommerce business can selectively also push in other items unobtrusively. It can offer a dangling carrot of a merchandising item; say a T-shirt or goggles, for X amount of groceries bought. This way, it not only stimulates the sale of day-to-day items; it also keeps the customer’s interest high with occasional offers on products she does not need daily. This way, not only does the business grow by pushing less frequently bought items; it can retain customers, because they will like to visit for specific offers from time to time.


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