What is zoom lens?

By: Roger Smiths

So if you have passion for photography then you must understand the lens, its working, its benefits and its drawbacks, here we are happy to help you to make a better decision while purchasing zoom lens.

As opposite to fixed focal length lens zoom lens is a lens which has varied focal lengths. Focal length is the distance between the centre point of the lens and image sensor.

By adjusting the lens farther from the image sensor part which is in the camera body the image will be Zoomed as the smaller portion of the image (which is to be clicked ) will strike the image sensor which then result into magnification.

Some digital cameras have their fixed zoom levels which you can select for magnification of the image but they generally doesn’t give you the freedom to select your own zoom levels .

But zoom lens on the other hand gives you freedom to select the zoom level you want ranging between it minimum and maximum levels.

Zoom level has been donated with unit 'X' e.g. 10X, 12X etc. The larger the number, the stronger will be the Zoom level. 10X zoom level means, if lens has minimum zoom level of 35mm then maximum will be 350mm and if the lens offers 28mm minimum zoom then maximum will be 280mm.

Though zoom lens provide us benefits like magnification of the far away scenery or close ups of the normal length scenery but like every other thing it has drawbacks too . Though these drawbacks are not the deal breaker but just so you know here they are:

1) Pixilation- Some amateur level, inexpensive cameras creates pixilation in the image when its zoom lens is zoomed 100% which results in noise in the picture.

2) Pin cushioning- like the previous one this problem is also caused due to amateur level inexpensive Cameras with large zoom lens in which the photograph is distorted as its edges appear stretched.

3) Slows down the shutter speed -Blurry photos could be a result of Maximum level of zoom lens in low light , because digital cameras take time to adjust its focus at maximum zoom level.

4) Tripod requirement-As zoom lenses are quite big in size so risk of camera increases when they are attached to the camera.

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