What is the difference between MMS and VMMS

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MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service is a way by which one can send photos, video clips, and ringtones to other mobile devices which are further away from each other. It is much like an SMS, just that it extends the core SMS capability that allows only 160 characters to be sent per message.

There is a new technology that has emerged now. It is known as VMMS or Video Messaging and Mailing Service. This service mainly caters to the need of sending video messages from one device to another. Besides, VMMS also allows features to send photos, documents, and MP3 files.

There are certain differences between MMS and VMMS:

Size: MMS is bound by size limit. On the other hand VMMS is not bound by any size limitations. Literally speaking one can send unlimited size of video footage to anyone in the world.

Security: There have been a number of cases involving MMS scandals. However, there are no such chances of scandals in case of VMMS, as it is encrypted with a script that has high security measures.

Format: MMS often has issues with the format that it has to play on. Normally people who do not have the same OS as that of the sender’s cannot view the MMS. VMMS is, however, a cross platform technology. One need not worry if the video message will be supported on the receiver’s device or no.

Space: VMMS unlike MMS are not downloadable. Thus, there are no space crunches on the memory sticks of one’s device.

Downloads: Unlike an MMS, a VMMS need not be downloaded on the particular device. A VMMS reaches the inbox of the recipients in the form of an SMS. It contains a link, clicking on which the video plays by streaming. No downloading means no tampering with the videos.

Virus: There are also no risks of virus in VMMS unlike MMS. There are chances of any virus attacks only when the clip is downloaded on the device.

Time duration: A video clip sent as an MMS can only be up to 30 seconds or so. There is no such time duration limit with the VMMS technology. A video clip can be of unlimited size. To elaborate on that, one can send an entire cricket match or a movie through VMMS.

Cost: MMS are costly, for each MMS about 5-10 rupees is charged by different service providers. VMMS on the other hand is absolutely free. By just bearing the data charges of the internet plans, one can send and receive unlimited video SMS in a day.

How to avail video messaging service?

A number of sites offer the service of video messaging service, but not all of them allow unlimited video sharing. VMMS allows unlimited video clips to be shared with anyone around the world. Registering with one’s name and mobile number on any of them will let them send video messages right away.

Audio visual communication is always preferred over just voice calls. They are more effective and encapsulate the essence of communication. Video message can not only be used in personal communication but it can also be used for business purpose too.

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