What is the Best Canine Medicine Heartworm Medicine?

By: SA Perillo

Owning a dog takes a lot of responsibility and that does not exclude taking care of their health especially by giving them heartworm medicine as an urgent response to Heartworm disease that may be present in your precious canine friend. As a dog owner you should be aware of the many health related concerns of your dog that might affect his growth especially how he interacts with his environment since this will be the number one factor that would determine his active lifestyle.

There are many canine diseases that are acquired because of the bacteria, virus, parasites that may be present in the environment that he lives in. These bacterial, viral and parasitic infections could greatly affect his mood, lifestyle, behavior and these things should be the main concern especially when we are very much involved with their growth and development.

Heartworm medicine is one of the most important health-related concerns that you should be researching about since the cause of this heartworm disease is not easy to address. Heartworm disease is caused by the parasitic worm that lives and grows inside the right side of the heart of dogs. According to studies, these parasitic worms enter the dog’s body through a carrier and that is the mosquito. When a mosquito sucks in blood from an infected dog, the mosquito will then ingest the eggs of heartworms where they will grow into larvae in the mosquito’s mouth. When they are larvae already, they will be passed on to the tissue skin and muscles of the dog where the mosquito sucks in blood.

The passing of the larvae from the tissues to the blood going to the right side of the heart transpires. These heartworms will then stay and grow to maturity in the right side of the heart. When they grow in number and mature these heartworms will enter the pulmonary veins of the dog causing the dog to cough with blood. This condition is very dangerous since it could harm the dog’s lungs, and blood circulation causing malfunction to the other body organ’s performance.

Heartworm medicine is one of the ways in which this heartworm disease may be addressed. Among the preventive medicines available are the following: Iverhart Plus and Heartgard Medicine. Iverhart Plus has a delicious pork liver taste that your dog would most probably like. Iverhart Plus should be given once a month as prescribed by veterinarians and this should be strictly followed as if your dog missed one, the effectiveness of the previous medicine will no longer be active. However, heartworm medicines such as Iverhart Plus should not be given to your dog without consulting your dog’s veterinarian.

The reason for this is that some of the heartworm medicines may have a negative side effect to your dog’s system. Another medicine is Heartgard, this kind attack the mature heartworm that would lay eggs and multiply their population.
These two heartworm medicines are just some of the preventive medications that you may use for your dog; however, care should always be given since these medicines may be too strong for your dog’s condition.

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