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Tired of worrying about those precious jewels and property deeds that are lying around at bank? Well, it is quite natural, plus, valuables always tend to get themselves stolen. Fear no more, there is a solution Banks, Bank Safes are available from many different manufacturers, and come in a wide range of sizes, features and specifications to choose from. Vaults are designed specially to meet the requirements of people who travel a lot, or keep a lot of valuables.
There are different kinds of vaults. The most basic ones have keys or physical combination locks. These are the oldest and cheapest that are available in markets. They are, in most cases, sufficient to keep valuables secure in most households, but are not very effective in keeping well-equipped burglars out. With a blow-torch and the right set of lock-picking tools, a burglar could easily break into the safe.
If you fancy the Bank Safes that are so commonly found hidden behind paintings in movies, then that's an available option too, provided you have a painting to hide the vault behind and a niche in the wall to fit it into. These are called 'diversion safes'. These are mostly the key-operated physical lock type, but offer more security because of the fact that they are hidden. Slightly more advanced safes have digital locks. These are opened or locked using a number code that can be entered on a keypad provided on the door. The correct pass-code grants the user access to the contents. Safes with digital locks come with certain extra security features as well - for example, upon entering the wrong code more than a certain number of times, some of them sound alarms or alert the police through a wireless network or a phone line. Other safes are programmed to electrify their exteriors and give an electric shock to anyone who touches them.
Most of the Bank Safes also use the safe that provide with biometric locks. These safes make use of the most advanced technology currently used in security. Fingerprint scanners, retina scanners, voice recognition, etc. are examples of biometric systems. These systems are integrated into the safe, and are programmed to provide access to certain people only. These locks are so secure that they are impossible to break. If force is used to break into the safe, the contents of the safe invariably get damaged

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