What is an Affiliate List?

By: David Quick

What is an Affiliate List? Well for newbies like you and me it is two words that donít mean very much. I say newbies because I think that a newbie is a person who has been at Affiliate Marketing for less than a year and is still broke. You might be making a few $$$ a month but at the end of the day your still broke because of all the different things you are trying to do to make more money. I know how you feel. I am You. I am in the same boat and it is driving me crazy. What if there was a better way to make more money?
If you are like me you are trying to find out the best way to make money on the internet. Well letís see:

1. E-Books: I would like to have a $1 for every e-book I have read.
2. Reading ads: I have read so many ads that my eyes started to hurt.
3. Join Affiliate Programs: Been there and done that many times listening to all the hype they had to say but at the end they werenít saying very much.
4. Advertising: Join a program and spend $$$ (that we donít have) trying to permute it.
5. Traffic Exchanges: These can be fun if you like looking at other sites. Some do work at getting other people to look at your affiliate site. One thing though is that you have to spend time looking at hundreds of other sites to get credits to advertise your site, or again spend $$$ (we donít have) to buy credits to advertise.
This list can go on and on.

In fact I was on a traffic exchange when I saw this site. I clicked on it and had a fast look (I had to keep surfing to get credits) and put it in my favorites file. It was a couple of weeks later when I was deleting files when I looked at it again. This time I read the whole site. I said for this price, why not join, I have spent more on other things. After joining and reading a bit my eyes opened and my brain clicked, I thought, hay what is this. It was an eye opener for sure. This site told me about The Affiliate List and how to make one and how to make money permuting my affiliate sites the right way. I wish I had stopped and had a better look when I first saw it, I wouldnít have wasted 3 weeks doing the same thing over and over and not getting anything done. If any of this letter sounds like you and your trying to make money on the net then you are going to need this to help you understand what you are doing. You can have a quick look at it, like I did first but you might be missing out on a lot of things or have a good look, like I should have done at first, but make sure you look at it.

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David Quick is an active affiliate marketer and he would like to show you what he found to help him permute his affiliate sites the right way. You can learn to at: dquick111.secretaff.hop.clickbank.net

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