What is a logo? Checking logo designs of States:

By: edward fery

A logo design is an emblem which can be used on any product, you name it and the logo can be used to it. In fact all countries have their own logo designs. That is describing the unique features in that country.
Here, I will be talking about some of the logo designs of different countries. And criticize some of them depending on their logo designs.
So, let’s start…
American Governmental Logo Design:
Although there are many controversies with the American Seal, but if we look logically and with bias-ness to our own people, we can say that the Eagle is against fighting so that the left foot of eagle depicts. And the olive brand in left hand depicts the peace loving country that America is.
The 13 states which are depicted by the start at the top of the American seal depict the 13 states that were the cause of independence of America.
England Coat of Arms:
The coat of Arms of England is very famous for some of the best logo conspiracies of different religions and their conflicts. But observing these logo designs just as a logo designer and keeping all the controversial discussions aside will bring us to the result that there are two animals holding the England monarch Crown; one is a unicorn which is dangerous, so is chained and a lion. Well in previous times king Richard the Loin Heart depicts the three lions in between and the music organ is of Ireland.
France Republic:
France, as we all know passed through a revolutionary period in 1780’s. And after that the motto, the sign and all things have changed. France which was a monarch under the kingdom of King Luis, changed to a democratic state with the motto of Liberty, Fraternity and equality. So, as it is written on the French seal.
The colors of the French flag represent the same, blue color depicts the freedom and white color is for peace. While, red color displays the valor and in another sense it means the ‘bloody’ revolution that was the cause of French democracy.
So, as per the deal these are some of the famous symbols and seals of different governments. I have explained their agendas (obviously keeping aside the controversies) because of the controversies and anti controversies we will need more than 400 words.
And as for the conclusion, the seals represent that how important it is to have a seal which can be used as the identity of any state, company, corporation or any other platform.

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