What is a Personal Trainer?

By: Mel Joelle

To many people, a personal trainer is just someone who helps them with their workout. However, a personal trainer is much more than that. Even after working with a personal trainer, some people still do not truly understand what a personal trainer does; they do not understand what it means to be a personal trainer. What exactly is a personal trainer?

Someone who understands your needs

Not everyone is the same. Your needs are going to be different from your friends’ needs. People gain weight in various ways. A personal trainer understands that and can construct a workout routine that fits your needs. However, before your personal trainer constructs any type of workout routine, he or she may consult with you about your weight and goals for working out. From that consultation, your personal trainer will be better equipped to find a way to meet your needs.

Someone who understands your goals

Though your ultimate goal is to lose weight or get fit, your personal trainer can help you develop or cultivate more specific goals. At first, you may enter a gym only wanting to find the best way to shed the pounds. A personal trainer can help you accomplish much more than that. Along with shedding weight, your personal trainer can help you find exercises that target the problem areas on your body, helping you to lose weight much faster. This can also help you accomplish your goal of feeling better about yourself.

Someone who knows how to encourage you

The main reason obesity is such a problem in the US is because people get discouraged very easily, especially when they exercise on their own. Without a partner, people don’t feel the pressure or even desire to continue on with their workout routine. Also, they may not push themselves past a certain point. After discovering that they have lost a few pounds, some people completely quit exercising, thinking that they can easily lose more pounds whenever they want.

However, a personal trainer can keep you on the right track, not allowing yourself to become content with your small results. Whenever you feel discouraged, your trainer can put you in a positive mood.

Someone who knows when to step back

There will be some days when you do not want anyone around you while you are working out. Whether you have had a bad day or you are just wanting some isolation, your trainer will know that you are wanting to be by yourself, respectfully giving you your alone time. Sometimes this is an important step for building a trusting relationship with your personal trainer.

Someone who is very knowledgeable

Personal trainers spend their life learning about the body and what benefits it. They know what exercises are great for various people. They also know what types of diets are beneficial and what diets are a waste of time or money. Your trainer can help you exercise in a way that specifically benefits your body.

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