What is a Body Fat Tester?

By: David T.

A body fat tester is an essential tool which helps a person accurately judge their level of health and fitness by measuring how much body fat as a percentage they have.

Using measurements take from all around the body, a person can see what their body fat percentage should be and if so, how far off it they are. A body fat tester is also very useful for a person who is participating in a training or health and fitness regime and wants to see how effective it is working, if at all. With the body fat tester they can see the difference as a positive or negative one using the precise measurements.
Carrying out your own body fat test at home is simple, all you need to get started is a calliper set which are specially designed for measuring body fat areas on the body. They are widely available at reasonable prices, especially on the internet. With the callipers you should receive a chart which has all the possible measurements and sites of the body you should measure and on the chart there should also be a graph indicating what your body fat percentage should be based on factors such as your age and height.

Upper Body Measurements
As explained above, in order to make an accurate assessment of your body fat percentage measurements must be taken from different areas of the body. From the upper body, measurements must be taken from the abdominal muscle, chest, bicep, midaxillary, suprailiac, tricep, subscapular and the lower back. Make sure you are using your callipers properly and remember to write down every measurement you take. It is very hard to do all this yourself so it's advised to ask someone for help with carrying out this test.

Lower Body Measurements
From the lower body you only need to take measurements from a calf and a thigh. After taking all the measurements, consult your chart on how to properly convert all these figures into a body fat percentage and you will then see whether you are over or under your ideal body fat percentage.

If you find yourself over what your body fat percentage should be, there are plenty of steps you could take to correct the situation. The first step you should take is to analyze your diet, eating the right things alone can make you healthier and helps with weight loss greatly. Once you are in the process of sorting out nutritional aspects of your health, you can begin with the exercise. A good balance of cardio and muscle toning exercises are essential for a balanced health and fitness regime.

If you are struggling come up with your own training programme, there are plenty of products out there which can help you, usually in a set of comprehensive guides and exciting DVD's. If you are into dance, or would like to incorporate dance music into your training regime then we would recommend either Turbo Jam or Hip Hop Abs, both of which are very enjoyable and can help you with your fitness in no time. If however you are looking for a product which can advise you on all aspects such as nutrition, exercise and weight loss, you could try p90x, Slim in 6 or if you have a hectic lifestyle, the 10 Minute Trainer. All have been developed with expert knowledge and divided up into manageable and progressive steps to give you a body to die for.

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