What is a Backlink

By: Mel Joelle

A backlink plays an important role especially when you are doing an SEO article. It is even more important in marketing your website and getting back the desired traffic intended for your page. As the name suggests, backlinks are the links incorporated in the article body that can be clicked. The moment you do, you will be directed back to site you are promoting. If you have a number of articles that are well optimized and incorporated with backlinks, you will get the desired traffic you want as readers are most likely to click on the highlighted word in the article body that they are reading.

Backlinks are very helpful when it comes to ranking your website to be on top of search engine results. For business owners, this is a must do task to be able to promote a website. Once the website has ranked on top of the search engine results, you will be able to get the desired traffic you want generated from the number of visiting customers. To do this, you must post articles with links leading to the page you are advertising. People will always be curious to click on something new and see what is has to offer. Because of this, your page will hit a number of visits especially when you have a lot of articles with backlinks posted in different article directory sites.

You can promote your site by incorporating backlinks within the whole article context that you submit to article directories. You can also have it in different pop-up ads and other sites that allow clickable backlinks. You have to remember that the more backlinks you post in every article you make related to the site you have, you can also get the desired number of people to drive traffic in your webpage that will let you get that number one rank you have always wished for. Backlinks play an important role in optimizing your page. You must know how to do it correctly to be able to drive only the desired traffic hence you will be marked as spam. Search engines such as Google rank pages according to its content, therefore you must make sure that the articles you make with backlinks on it also have related if not similar topic with the website you are promoting.

The best place to have backlinks incorporated is different social media applications. As these types of social interaction rises popularity all over the internet, you will be able to get more clicks from the viewers as well as users of the social media where you are posting your backlinks. Apparently, the more you incorporate social media sites and apps, the more traffic you will get. Be sure to have an engaging website and informative to people who are looking for products and services that are similar to what you offer. This will make them more interested to click on the backlink that will direct them shortly to the page you are promoting. If you have incorporated all the necessary SEO skills on your website such as backlinking, you will be able to have a well optimized page ready to top the search engine results. This will have you rank in rank number one as you gain more profit from the investment you have made in making your website.

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