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By: Pablo Plumey

A voice artist is just like an actor. The only difference between the two is that a voice artist is required to create a story by just using his or her voice. A voice artist is only required to depend on his or her voice to create a scene for a movie or an ad for a company. So, what is a voice over in Spanish? Voice over in Spanish can simply be defined as adding Spanish voice to an image on the screen to help enhance the feeling that the scene is trying to create for the audience.

It should be noted that the person whose voice is being used in the audio production, doesn't usually have this scene playing in front of them when he or she is doing the reading. A voiceover in Spanish actor has to improvise by playing out the scene in his or her head and bringing the character alive through emotion in his or her voice. In order to do this correctly, you must have some skills in the Spanish language. Spanish voice over talent is not something that you can master one day, you must have the passion and the willingness to learn and do all that it takes to become an expert.

The Spanish voice-over industry is a big industry that requires a wide range of vocal mastery. Neutral Spanish is often preferred in many situations; however, there are some few regional spots that require a native accent. If you want to succeed doing voiceover in Spanish, you must learn how to speak in smooth Neutral Spanish and learn how to use your own native accent in a way that the industry expects.

So, what are you supposed to do to increase your proficiency in voice-over in Spanish? You need to have confidence. In addition, you must practice regularly and listen to yourself. It is also advisable to take lessons in voice-over in Spanish. Spanish voice over lessons will help you to improve on areas that you are weak.

A voiceover in Spanish coach will direct you into setting the right tone that your client is expecting from you. He or she will also guide you through the timing of the read, as this is a very important component in making sure that the right words are used and stressed. What's more, it's essential especially when it comes to television and radio commercials which are often governed by strict time limits. Hire a voiceover in Spanish coach today and improve your Spanish voice over talent.

How Spanish voice over Talent can improve your business
Business marketing these days is all about content.

Gone are the days when newspaper advertisements and putting up flyers on walls was the only way to let people know about your business.

Video and radio advertisements have proven to increase the sales of several businesses. Apart from great content, the success of audio, or audio-visual marketing strategies depends on the performance of good voice-over artists and as Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, it would make sense that many international businesses and businesses located in areas with a majority of Spanish speakers, to make their advertisements in Spanish.

The advantages of hiring professional Spanish voice over talent are many, but we have listed some primary ones below:

Spanish Voice over artists know how to convert quality content into quality audio
You might have a great script written for your advertisement, but you will need a Spanish voice over talent to have it delivered just the right way. A voice-over artist knows what tone to use to get their message across to the intended audience. Ever noticed how there are some advertisements that just click? It's because they were done by a voice-over artist who knew how to do his job.A Good voice-over artist gives your business a voice

Just like it's important for your business to have a face, it is also important for it to have a voice that your customers can identify with. A good voice-over artist is going to give your business a personality that makes it stand out from its competitors and there are several advantages to that. For example, if your advertisement becomes popular, more people are going to opt for your products or services simply because it is the po9pular thing to do.
Customers like following trends, and a voice-over artist can help your business set those trends.

People tend to remember what they hear If you think about it, there is more to a voice than just…. sound. There is a style, a tone and a pitch which is why the same thing said by two different people sounds completely different. It isn't the words that cinch the attention a majority of people, but how they were expressed. With the pitch-perfect voice delivery of a voice-over artist will give your advertisements, you are sure to be remembered, and chosen by potential customers.

Return on Investment guaranteed

An advertisement is worth the money you spend on it. And anything worth doing is worth doing properly. With the increase in profits that come as a result of your marketing campaign, you will notice that your investment is covered in the profits you receive. You don't need to be convinced to hire a Spanish voice over talent for your business - the statistics and growth you receive after your advertisement campaign are going to be convincing enough.

Good voice over artists will take time and read your script; they will understand the purpose of your campaign and plan how they are going to voice it out. Good voice-over artists know which tone to use and what effect to create. With a good voice over artist, you can rest assured that your campaign is going to hit the target!

Latin Americans have a great population in America and Europe and when people hear someone in a video who speaks in their style and accent, they will automatically show interest as they will be able to build a connection faster.

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Author, Pablo Plumey is a Professional Spanish Voice Over Artist with a Latin American Accent and Has Provided the Spanish Voice Talent for hundreds of Companies and Agencies Since 1993.

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