What is Organic Baby Care?

By: Ronald.Eapen

Babies today are born into a world where they will be bombarded with chemicals which they are ill equipped to deal with. In fact, the process starts before birth, with the mother's diet likely to be laced with a chemical concoction the human immune system is not fully designed to handle. Add to that the polluted air she breathes and water she drinks, and the deadly drugs she may be taking, that innocent baby is brought into a world that is immediately hostile to their health. However, there is much a parent can do to minimize the effect of that chemical invasion, and one of those is to use organic baby care wherever possible.

What is Organic Baby Care?

There is no globally accepted definition of organic, although some countries have tried to establish enforceable standards. For simplicity, let us say that organic products should not have been grown or developed with the use of pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers, and have not been genetically modified in any way.

Organic baby care, then, is to bring up a baby using as many organically grown products as possible. Most parents would want to extend that to include as many eco-friendly products as well. So, what sort of "organic" products can play a part in your baby's development.

Organic Baby Food

Ideally, feeding your baby organic foods should start while she is still in the womb. What the baby's mother eats and drinks, breathes and has injected into her affect the quality of the baby's sustenance before birth, and in the breast milk after birth. A mother who lives on organic food as far as possible will get her baby off to a good start.

Once the baby comes off breast milk to solids, it is important to keep as much control over her food as possible. It is very easy to avoid processed and canned food, whose origins you know little about, and may contain contaminants not only in the food itself but the lining of the can. Wherever possible use organic foods and chemical free juices and water in order to give the baby a good start in life so far as nourishment goes. If possible, follow the advice of a holistically trained professional nutritionist to find the right balance of food.

Organic Bedding & Clothing

Many parents these days seek out what they call organic bedding. It may be very difficult to find, but baby bedding does exist that has been made from natural fibers that have been organically grown. However, do look for some genuine indication that the cotton or wool is organic. An item that is just labeled 100% cotton, without any organic certification, is unlikely to be organic but chemically laden. The same applies to baby clothes.

Organic Baby Accessories

There are many baby accessories that can be eco-friendly or even organic. Organic baby wipes and diapers are now quite easily available, and they are items that parents need every day for their baby. Using organic bio-degradable diapers can be a great benefit to the environment compared to using the old style disposables. Many children's toys are made of natural materials rather than plastics, and even organic teethers, made from 100% cotton, can be found if you search hard enough.

While it may not be possible in this day and age to bring up a completely organic baby, you do at least have the chance to minimize the chemical intake of your children. With trends as they are, more products will be developed as time passes, making your task that much easier.

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