What is Object Meditation

By: astralflyer

Object Meditation is exactly as it sounds. You choose an object that resonates with your liking to look at during a meditation session. The object can be anything you find interesting, something you treasure, something you found outside, something with an in depth history behind it, a photograph. Any object that holds a special meaning to you. The object becomes the focus of your meditation session. It allows the minds thought processes to be completely centered on the object.
The objective of Object Meditation is to stay focused on the object. The mind may easily fall into boredom and start thinking about other manifestations. Every time your mind wanders you need to recognize what is happening and draw your focus back to the object. You need to study the object in minute detail, observe its colors, its textures, its surfaces, its shape, its properties, its history, its feeling in the hands, its smell, and its shadows. Practically anything that pertains to the object itself. You many want to explore the particular feelings that resonate in you because of this object. The object becomes an exploration journey you take with your mind to completely understand and become one with the object.
By doing Object Meditation we bring a sense of tranquility and serenity to the mind. We learn how to concentrate on one task without the interruption of unwanted auxiliary thoughts. Object Meditation teaches the mind how to deeply concentrate. When the mind has learnt to deeply absorb itself in the object with no other thoughts, it is said to be a fixed mind. A fixed mind removes all forms of suffering to the practitioner. This is a Buddhist concept, by being completely absorbed and focused on one object, such negatives as desire, anger, lust, greed, jealousy and ignorance vanish from the practitioner. The result of successful object meditation leads to tranquility, peace, calmness and serenity. It is through silencing the mind chatter that we truly become self aware and we become acquainted with the pure nature of the mind.
Here is a Guideline on how to practice Object Meditation
1. Choose an Object on which to meditate on. In this example we will use an inflamed yellow candle.
2. Place the candle in front of you where you can comfortable focus on it.
3. Sit on the floor, crossed legged with the candle in front of you or sit in a chair with the candle on a table in front of you.
4. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly. Follow the breath with your mind until your breathing becomes slow and effortless.
5. Take notice of any tension you have in your body. Use the Breathing Circulation Technique to remove tension in your body. Imaging that as you inhale, the air is moving to the tense area of the body. Feel that area expanding with air, as you exhale, imagine the tension leaving the body relaxing the tension in that muscle. Do this for any area of tension in the body until you feel completely relaxed.
6. Now open your eyes and focus on the candle.
7. Study and observe the candle in as many details that you can possibly think of. If your mind starts to wander to other thoughts, acknowledge the thought then gently pull your focus back to the candle.
8. Continue with your thoughts about the candle until you have exhausted all ideas about the candle.
9. Sit and enjoy the silence of mind, serenity and tranquility of mind and body that you have created for as ever long as you wish.
10. Stand and stretch.
Like all disciplines Object Meditation needs to be practiced daily to benefit from its effects. Remember you are training the mind to be singularly focused and this achievement takes practice. When you can stay focused on one single task completely throughout the meditation practice you will have achieved success.

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