What is Interior Landscaping

By: Chriss Tyrrell

Perhaps the fastest growing trend in interior decorating today is what is known as interior landscaping. What it basically involves is the greening up of interior spaces by bringing the effect of the “outdoors” inside. Of course the first thing that should come to mind is live plants. However; the truth be told, its fake or silk plants that are the first choice in most cases.

The Environment in Your Building is Fake! - Like It or Not!

“Fake”! You say, between bites of your granola bar and sips of your wheat grass juice. “I would have no part of any such thing”! The problem is though that once you take a close look, the living environment in any building is also fake. Fake lighting, fake temperatures, fake humidity levels and fake daytime-nighttime lighting schedules.

Normal Interior Lighting Is the Wrong Wavelength for Plants

So while you “can” go the “natural route” in any office or business setting, if you plan on going further than just some plants on shelves near windows, you are going to have to make some major changes in the lighting, temperature and humidity. You see, for one thing standard light just won't cut it no matter how powerful they are. They're the wrong wavelength for live plants.

It’s Always Best to Avoid Branching Out into “Plant Farming”

It’s also important to bear in mind that whatever business you're in, its most likely “not” related to agriculture and getting into the business of keeping and maintaining a bunch of live plants is, in effect “agriculture”. The best advice you can get is to stick to what your familiar with and expert at and leave the farming to farmers.

Once You Get into Today’s Faux Silk Plants, You’re Going to Want More

Besides, today’s fake or “faux” silk plants look incredibly real. Also while they do cost about the same as real plants, you're virtually guaranteed that they'll look just a pristine and fresh ten years from now as they do the day you buy them. Once you do see them and begin to bring them into your business setting, your definitely going to want to do more.

Perfectly Real Looking Boulders That Double as Speakers

That’s where things like fake boulders that double as speakers come in. They work perfectly on outdoor patios or indoor patios that you want to lend the outdoor feel to. You see these boulders look and feel “perfectly real” and the speaker and output area in and on them are perfectly concealed and camouflaged.

Takei to the Next Level with “Easy Off the Shelf” Interior Water Features

Once you have your fake plants and fake “boulder sound system” all in place then it’s time to take your interior landscaping scene to yet another higher level. This of course refers to interior water features or waterfalls. Once again the keyword here is “amazing”, due to the higher level of sheer artistry and realism that is now available, literally “off the shelf”.

Uncountable Choices and Styles in “Ready to Go” Interior Water Features

You can go with the all time classic stone waterfalls that come ready to go, right out of the box. (Of course you do have to add the water). Or perhaps one of the many styles of Asian water features that have the water trickling from one wooden container to the next, via bamboo aqueducts is more your speed. Then there are the many modern contemporary “art nouveau” water features that use chrome, brass and glass to dazzle anyone who watches them in action.

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Chris Tyrrell writes for The Silk Forest, professional designers and installers of fake plants displays for a variety of locations throughout the world. Visit the website for more details.

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