What is God, and What is Not God?

By: Suzy Morgan

God is everything, or nothing, as you choose. There it is, a whole essay in one sentence.

For the adult me, God is everything and in everyone and everything. As a child, I always believed that there was a God and that He watched over me. I was too intimidated by my teachers to dare to believe differently. Even in my home of non-believers, God represented something/someone who was beneficent.

In our house, believing in God and organized religion, meant you were too dumb to wing it alone. We kids, however, were always sent to the nearest free-thinking church for Sunday service, probably for a little Sunday morning quiet for our parents and to make sure we towed the line. For me, God was someone to hang onto when life slammed me with caustic criticism from an angry parent or taunting playmates. After all, who else was there?

As a mature adult, it is my self-created job to work with the angels, an energy of higher consciousness. The angelic energy presents itself without judgment and with a loving wisdom I am challenged to maintain in my daily life. The angels seem to act as an intermediary between what I think of as God, and us, “mere mortals,” as Shakespeare so nicely put it.

The angels share their knowledge with me when I ask, and sometimes at 3 a.m., when I don’t. They are amused with our third dimensional linear thinking. They point out that the Bible says that we are made in the image of God.

What if we have it wrong? What if we made God in our image? Is not God a being? That’s what the Sunday School pictures showed. God’s light shining through the clouds to bless us all. Doesn’t God have a high-voltage light that emanates from His body?

Let’s not forget that this God is a He, a dominant, judging force that demands tremendous respect and even love. Isn’t it a sin not to love God? How do I love what I don’t experience in the physical? How do I love someone who terrifies me, who judges my every move? As a child, I had enough people in my young life who kept their critical eye on my behavior. Is that God? Is He going to punish me too?
On my neighborhood church lawn, a marquee went up with the words, “God is Love.” It was about the same time this same church’s minister ran off with someone else’s wife, while leaving his family behind. God must have a lot of love.

There was also the expression that “God is all-seeing.” Wait a second, my little kid’s head said…if God sees everything, how come I have to take a bath and get dressed up to go to church? Doesn’t God see me when I’m dirty from playing outside in my jeans where the knee ripped out from climbing the pine tree? And worse, yet, does He watch me in the bathroom too?

My old picture of God no longer fits. I credit my childhood mind for asking the ultimate question, “Who is God?” For my adult mind, God is an all-encompassing energy that we can choose to embrace of not. This energy is neither a “he,” nor a “she.” It just is. Today I believe that God is within everyone and everything. God is not the big dude on the cloud. “It” is the big dude in my heart.

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Suzy Morgan, B.A., H.H.P, is a Spiritual Intuitive, a Medium, an Energy Healer , and a Channel offering Angel Readings. www.AngelReadingswithSuzy.com

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