What is Dog Kennels and How It Can Help Your Pet

By: Sylvester R Bateman

Dogs are the overwhelming pets full of love, care, and coziness and most importantly trustworthy. Dogs are kept as pets since ages. Kennels made for them are the shelter for them. In short you can say it as a dog house. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can even design them according to your aspiration. Designing a dog house depends on the climate and environment of the place. Dog house is important because it helps dogs to withstand any weather conditions. Many people feel unhygienic keeping dogs inside home so dog kennels are the best way to keep pets safely. There are 3 types of kennels categorized as- outdoor kennels, indoor kennels and multiple kennels.

Outdoor Kennels and boarding for dogs: Outdoor kennels are building outside the house. The dogs are kept in the boundaries of house especially in lawn area. Steel rods kennel, wood kennels, wire kennels and chain kennels are mainly build outside accordingly. The easiest one is chain kennels because it just includes assembling.

Indoor Kennels: Kennels build inside house are indoor kennels. They are quite similar to outdoor kennels the only difference is that it is small structured and is more secured so very much safety factor is not necessary.

Multiple kennels: These kennels are used where more than one dog is to be sheltered. Especially dog homes keep this kind of shelter. They are outsized, normally 8m to 12 m wide and 2-3 meters long.Dogs need proper care and pampering. As humans they are also living beings. By choosing dog kennels some things should be kept in mind like-kennel size, its proper roofing and aeration, budgeted yet comfortable, size of dog, structure of kennel etc.

Kennel size: Kennel size is very important because a dog spends his maximum time in his shelter. It should be proper in size. It should be wide enough and spacious .So that he is able to get inside without injury and feels safe inside.

Proper roofing and aeration: The kennel should be properly ventilated. It should be airy and free of suffocation. The dog should not face problem getting inside; the roofing should be at least 3-4 inches above his head and should be hassle free.

Budgeted yet comfortable: Pocket is also seen before any purchase. Dog houses are available according to budget. You just have to pick the most suited one. It should be comfortable. Priority should be to make dog feel homely.

Size of dog: Choosing a type of kennel depends on the size of dog. How big is he? The shelter should not be too big nor should it be undersized. A huge dog needs a big one as per his feasibility.

Structure of kennel: You can design shelter according to your will and imagination. Structure can be of wood, metals or combination of both. Just remember that a shelter becomes a home when a dog feels comfortable and is properly adjusted inside it. If the dog is small then even bones can be hanged over his kennel so that it can be playful too. Loving and caring is right for every species. And when it comes to human’s best buddy i.e. dog they need it too. So before choosing his kennel remembers these useful tips and things.

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By choosing boarding for dogs some things should be kept in mind like-kennel size, its proper roofing and aeration, budgeted yet comfortable, size of dog, structure of kennel etc. For more visits: www.waldenway.com/

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