What is Chinese Acupuncture?

By: David T.

While it is commonly held that there are four seasons, those who practice and adhere to the philosophies of Five Element Chinese Acupuncture believe that there are, in fact, five seasons instead of four. If you're a proponent of acupuncture, Asheville NC or Hong Kong, you know the seasons as winter, spring, summer, late summer and fall. Each season corresponds to one of the five elements: water, wood (or plant life), fire, earth and metal (or minerals). These elements express themselves in our bodies, minds and spirits in any number of ways.

In the process of observing the reflections of elements within a person, a practitioner of Five Element Chinese Acupuncture might do any of the following: smell the scent, see the color (or aura) emanating from the patient, listen to their voice, and pay attention to their emotional patterns. From these observations, along with tongue patterns, pulse characteristics, and an overall physical examination, the practitioner decides which meridian points are called for to open the flow of life force, or chi.

There is much more to healing than the eradication of symptoms. Healing can be practiced in the larger context of the cultivation of spiritual potential or virtue. Each so-called symptom or place where we are not at peace points to a deeper part of us that is in need of healing. A deeply fulfilling change or personal transformation can occur by simultaneously addressing the current state of struggle and maintaining the individual's highest potential.

If you're in Asheville, acupuncture is very readily available. One practitioner who comes highly recommended is Nance Pettit. When it comes to acupuncture, Asheville NC has seen many different types of bodyworkers and healers over the years, but Nance is one who provides the opportunity to heal - body, mind and spirit - in some of the most real and profound ways. Some folks struggle with many different health issues at once, but after only a few months of working with Nance, many of her patients experience a state of repair that they didn't even think was possible. Nance has the uncanny ability to bring the powerful, focused energy of the Divine into each of her sessions, and she uses that energy to work with places inside her patients' physical and spiritual bodies when they are not at peace. If you're ready to experience the best acupuncture Asheville NC has to offer, Nance can help you open the doors to those deeper states of healing.

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