What foods you should pay attention to if waist slimming in winter

By: Hayden

After a whole winter, your belly is swell, due to you eating a lot of high-fat diet to resist cold, causing abdominal swelling. The following 10 kinds of food, that is, the old enemies of our thin waist, you love beauty should strangle it in the cradle as soon as possible!
Fry chicken nuggets
When you soak food into paste and fry them, which becomes food into hard food for the abdomen.
Fried food is greasy and high fat, both are harmful to the body, if intestinal is inflammation, greasy food can cause symptoms of nausea or diarrhea. If you want to eat a chicken to eat healthy, you can use bread crumbs or the method of baking. This approach applies equally to traditional greasy foods, such as french fries.
Spicy food
Peppers, such as red pepper or pepper Jalapa, can be used to introduce a wonderful spicy, but also disrupt the esophagus. The result is that there will be a burst of heartburn feeling, like the feeling that you eat. Even if you use lactic acid to reduce its spicy, but you are still intake of spicy pepper. Do not add a high-fat butter into spicy foods, can take a more moderate green peppers.
Only eating chocolate does not cause the source of the problem, but you eat excess chocolate. It is well to eat a small piece of chocolate. However, even if the patients suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease only eat a small piece can also cause problems. This is because the chocolate makes lower esophageal sphincter relaxation causing acid reflux.
Citrus juice
This kind of acidic drink will disrupt the digestive tract, stimulate the sensitive nerve fever, feeling like acid reflux, but in fact it is just a distraction.
In the abdomen, excess acid would cause other problems. If drinking with an empty stomach, in fact, your digestive tract has been filled with acidic substances, if increase excess acidic substances can cause abdominal pain. If you drink lemonade added honey may cause diarrhea.
Mashed Potato
Creamy mashed potatoes, are easy to be eaten. No wonder it is regarded as "the most comfortable food". However, if you are allergic to sugar, you will not feel comfortable, because it is added a lot of milk and cream, etc.. If homemade sugar-free mashed potatoes, can reduce its impact.
Raw onion
Onions and garlic, leeks and shallots and other food are all rich in plant-based compounds, some of which can protect the heart, but some may cause abdominal pain. Plant-based compounds can be decomposed some compounds by cooking method, but also some useful material is decomposed, so it is best to mix raw and cooked onions, etc., so that both can absorb its benefits, but also can reduce the side effects.
Broccoli and raw cabbage
There is no doubt that these vegetables are rich in fiber and nutrients very healthy, but they will produce gas in the intestinal tract. The solution is very simple, just cook these vegetables, just dip them into boiling water, which can break down sulfur material will produce gas.

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