What do Surveyors Do?

By: Chris Lynn

Surveyors have many important roles and these extend beyond just what people know them for. Here we will look at some of the important roles of surveyors and what precisely their job entails.

First of all, it's important to recognize that there are different kinds of surveyors and these include both land surveyors and property surveyors who have slightly different but nevertheless important roles.

Property surveyors are perhaps the better known kind of surveyors, and their role is to help ensure that a property is in good condition before someone purchases it (or before a business purchases it similarly). There are many important things to consider here and many things that you can't check in a property yourself. A surveyor for instance will look at the legalities of the property, as well as looking at things such as the structural integrity, the strength of the walls etc etc. If you don't use a surveyor before purchasing a property, then you leave yourself vulnerable to many problems and could end up losing a huge amount of money on your investment.

Land surveyors meanwhile have a range of other important tasks. Of course land surveying can be similar to property surveying in that they will look at the quality and the safety of a piece of land before you purchase it or before a business begins to develop on it. This can be used to look for things such as signs of hazardous materials having contaminated the land, or for things like fault lines or flood plains which could make such a piece of land again a bad investment.

Meanwhile though land surveyors also do many other things. For instance land surveying includes identify and documenting the precise bounds of a property so that it is known where it begins and where it ends, and so that the owner knows precisely what it is that they are receiving the title to.

This can be an issue in many different situations - for instance if the physical markers of the boundaries such as walls and fences have been eroded or vandalized, or if the documentation disagrees with the views of the owners.

In such a situation land surveyors can then look at things like documentation and legal records that might point toward the precise boundaries of the property (such as the ownership documents owned by other nearby property owners). Similarly they can use a range of other techniques, for instance looking for pipes that have been buried deep underground at specific points which are sometimes used in order to mark properties for just such occasions. They will also look at things such as the gradients of the land and measure precise distances.

Using these strategies a land surveyor can help to outline specifically what a land owner owns and can outline specifically the grounds. This is of course highly important in order to avoid a situation where they might otherwise own more or less than they believe. Likewise there are many other important roles of land surveyors and other surveyors all along this vein.

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These are just some of the roles of Jac surveyors. For more information and to find a licensed land surveyor, click the links.

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