What can you do when wearing Five fingers shoes

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Five fingers shoes, also known as "rubber toe socks", rubber toe socks by an Italian manufacturer introduced made with neoprene socks. Five fingers shoes, shoes designed to overturn the traditional concept of similar shoes instead of the traditional competitive market, fingers through creative design, set off a return to the original barefoot, relaxing foot recreational sports fashion. With the new five fingers shoes popular, European and American sports world is a wave of "barefoot boom." They have expressed surprise that socks and praise, including the UK's professional sprinter and surfing enthusiasts. Toe shoes have also been applied to more and more movement. Let us have a look.

Shoe soles fingers will not end the same way as other vibram hard rock in the water will become very slippery. Toe shoes, toe and heel are able to protect the safety, only worry is motivated point of the sand on the beach or something. Unlike a simple paddle separate toes shoes, shoes easy to fall because of oars, and five fingers shoes to wear in the feet are firmly, even when the rowing, for example, relatively narrow boats as small cabin river kayak. Typically, the fingers can also be used to surf shoes when the shoes, put on shoes, feet, fingers and feet do not wear shoes like the feeling of sensitivity, the same control it handy.
Walking barefoot in the gym to wear it will not have any feeling of insecurity, even if the ground is slippery when there is no relationship. Put it on the foot can be well protected and in the hard floor will not feel uncomfortable. In yoga, aerobics and other activities which do not wear shoes in the gym can use them.
Whether climbing or climbing in general, needs your feet have a good grasp with force, to a good balance in your location, makes it easier to climb successfully. Shoe soles with fingers grasping the power of good, toe flexibility and freedom of individual activities can be, can bring a different feeling of climbing.
Under any circumstances, feelings, and bare feet is the same, no problem surfing. Be flexible fingers, especially in some of the longer smooth surfboard can walk freely. It is not easy to make your panels out from your feet down. For climbing and surfing the smaller size is recommended when five fingers shoes, because the action to force a larger size if wearing normal shoes, feet easy to move, fall shoes.

Fingers with a pair of shoes, is not only fashionable, but also make you feel more comfortable exercise, you feel completely barefoot, so solid to touch the ground, so you can be more natural, healthier to walk the world.

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