What can a power commander do for me?

By: Isaac Wanamaker

A Power Commander is a fuel controller unit developed by Dynojet Research out of Nevada, USA. If case you’re wondering, Dynojet is the same company that brought you the ‘dyno’. The machines we strap our cars and bikes to get horsepower and torque reading. So, you see, it only made sense for Dynojet to create fuel controllers because they are a complimentary product for their Dynos.

What is a fuel controller, you ask? Well, a fuel controller is simply used to dial in the air/fuel ratio of an engine through the rpm range to 14.1 (or around there) to achieve optimal burn and, as a result, optimal power delivery. Many people simply plug a Power Commander into their bike and stop there. Although there is a optimized base map on the fuel controller that will perhaps give you a little power and smooth out the throttle response, the real magic of a power commander lies in the ability to tune it via a custom map. Before the release of the PCV or Power Commander V, the custom tune (on a dyno) was one’s best bet to achieve maximum performance. However, this task often ran about $300-400 and when added to the price of an exhaust and the power commander unit itself the price entry point was a little high for most and this technique was often used by racers. Racing is where the Power Commander was developed so naturally it made sense.

Dynojet recently released the Power Commander V or PC V which opened up an entire new world for most street riders. With its release, Dynojet launched the Autotune. The Autotune does exactly what is sounds like it does. It basically replaces the oxygen sensor on most sportbikes to allow the Power Commander to dial in the air/fuel ratio automatically by taking readings. This was great new for most sportbike riders as many people don’t do all their upgrades at once (which a dyno tune requires) and the AutoTune allows each riders to upgrade as he sees fit (exhaust, air filters, etc) and the system will optimize itself. The Autotune also retails at nearly half the cost of a dyno tune and makes it a lot more convenient for the average rider to tune their bike properly. Unfortunately, most of the Power Commander V units only work with sportbikes 2008 and onward.

In addition to the Autotune, Dynojet also release the QEM or Quick Shifter Expansion module and the Secondary Fuel Module or SFM. The QEM allows for full throttle upshifts during racing works seamlessly with the Power Commander V. The SFM allows the Power Commander V Unit to control all 8 fuel injectors for models that have 8 fuel injections (most modern sportbikes do). This allowed for more precision tuning and made way for the use of the QEM on bikes with 8 injectors. Most set ups beyond the PC V and Autotune lead into heavy racing applications and won’t be used by most riders.

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