What can Obsidian Crystal Do for You

By: Silvia Blach

Like all crystals there are many benefits to those who cherish their healing and comforting qualities. The Obsidian crystal is known as one of the most beautiful and beneficial stones available. There are many benefits from the Obsidian crystal and it holds a variety of Metaphysical qualities. The Obsidian Crystal which is also known as the “Stone of Truth” is a natural glass that consists of volcanic lava that has been cooled quickly. It was also one of the first stones to ever be used for a weapon such as an arrowhead or knife.

Obsidian crystal helps individuals to see flaws inside themselves and to make any necessary changes needed to eliminate them. For those who feel as though they are selfish or need to improve themselves in order to become a better person and to live a happier life. This crystal will help them to see the light of their ways.

For those who often allow their thoughts to become impure, unloving, or thoughts of hate the Obsidian crystal will help to diminish them. It helps to push negativity out of your life allowing you to open up to a more positive energy which will better you and the way you interact with other. This crystal helps to better yourself and the understanding of others. It helps you to push away hard feelings and grudges that you may be holding towards others whether it be known or subconsciously.

For those who are dealing with stress, ailments or disease the Obsidian crystal can help with essential vitamins, healing, and prevention. It is believed that it can also help you to better understand the disease allowing you to do what is needed to fight it off.

The crystal is known to help protect one from emotional harm as well as physical. If you are one who becomes stressed easily, who carries mental burdens from stress, working to much or daily anguish you could deeply benefit from using the Obsidian crystal. If you sense danger or negative energy that could harm you physically you will greatly benefit from the crystal. It helps to keep negative harm away and by protecting you against ailments, accidents, and bodily harm.

The crystal is excellent for helping individuals to connect with Earth Mother and learn to respect and care for our environment.

The Obsidian crystal can be worn in a variety of forms of jewelry including pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even broaches. You can choose to purchase this wonder crystal for yourself or give it as a gift out of love. Many who know the benefits of the Obsidian crystal and what it has to offer appreciate such a generous gift. They take it as a sign of friendship or respect.

Many claim that the crystal brings out the warrior inside you allowing you re-discover all of the good and abilities that you have lost over time. It brings your subconscious to life and revives the positive energy stored within. Known as an ego buster it allows you to see yourself for what others see and helps you to learn that you are not flawless but can better yourself.

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