What are top ten ranking of PC games are expected in 2013

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2013 can be regarded as the year of being released many games. It performs the most obvious in the PS3, and the PC is also so. The following will bring you 10 PC games that are being looked forward to in 2013. In 10 PC Games, they contain various types of stand-alone masterpiece, and also have the highly anticipated online game works!
1. Crysis 3
"Crysis" series has been based on "hardware killer", but this does not mean that the game doesn't have an advantage in addition to the screen expressive force. A series of firearms, people, music and checkpoints are done very well, not to mention the friendly game editor. We believe that different players can find the fun in the "Crysis".
2. SimCity 5
"SimCity 5" improved picture significantly enhances the players to determine to build a beautiful world, beautiful scene, and richer constituent elements, making each a "God" more confident to stop the evil of destruction of the city.
3. Tomb Raider 9
"Tomb Raider" series is also out of the player's line of sight for some time. Now the "Tomb Raider 9" returns to the origin, whether it and "Laura" can prove themselves? I believe there are players want to personally witness. There must be a lot of people hope that it can surpass the "Uncharted" and block the "The Last of Us".
4. StarCraftⅡ: Heart of the Swarm
Needless to say this game "StarCraft 2" has been popular. There are kinds of praise and criticism. We would like to know how much ascension the "Heart of the Swarm" makes on the basis of the "Wings of Liberty" series, and what height it reached it. There are too many eyes staring at the game, no matter what happens, worthy of concern.
5. BioShock: Infinite
"BioShock" is a very sophisticated game, the script and the scene are the absolutely perfect, it can be said that one of the electronic industry's highest artistic level game. "BioShock: Infinite" bounced checks can be said to tempt the appetite of the players. From the point of the kind of information, it will almost get many awards, so it is normal that players expect it.
6. Total War: Rome II
From the offering time to see, "Total War" series is also quite fast, but also only refers to sale time. When did the last fight for Rome happen? It is already pasted long time. I believe that Rome has been made many people anxious: start the war if have a good computer! It would not be an exaggeration to say that the only competitor of the is its own since long time ago, and even so each of its series is still very well.
7. Company Of Heroes 2
For the game market as a whole, "Company Of Heroes 2" is nothing, but for military enthusiasts, especially for the Second War enthusiasts, the "Company Of Heroes 2" is one of the best ways to experience the war. The first generation changed the pattern of the RTS, allowing the player to know the original strategy game changed into another zippo also very interesting. Now, comprehensive upgrade of "Company Of Heroes 2" can be expected soon, even has a little opportunity, no matter who would want a contest.
8. DotA2
The game is tested long time, but still is not officially on sale. It also can get good reputation to be on sale with the state long time ago, but Vavle have been kept to add new elements in the game, it seems that he does not give up if it is not enough perfect, if that, we are only to happily wait.
9. The Elder Scrolls online
"World of Warcraft" has not had its opponent for so many years basically since released, before its natural death, the "Elder Scrolls online" is most likely to defeat it. Although we are still very superficial understanding of the game, taking into account the success of "The Elder Scrolls" series, as well as its adaptability with online forms, we find it is easy to have the expectations for this game.
Host version of the game is scheduled in September, the PC version has not yet officially announced, it is likely not on sale in 2013. PC gamers this year certainly will still keep talking about the game, and it is not entirely impossible to be on sale the sale during this year. So anyway, "GTA5" definitely is regarded as one of the most worthy of looking forward to the PC games this year.

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