What are top ten junk food in the world

By: Hayden

1. Fried foods
These foods are high in calories and contain high fat and oxidizing materials. Often eating easily leads to obesity is the most dangerous food leading to hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease. In the frying process, tend to produce large amounts of carcinogenic substances. Studies have shown that people often eat fried food, the incidence of some cancers is much higher than those who do not eat or rarely eat fried food.
2. Canned food
Whether canned fruit, or canned meat, in which nutrients have been damaged a lot, especially all kinds of vitamins virtually are destroyed. In addition, the protein in canned products often appears degeneration, greatly reduced its rate of digestion and absorption, nutritional value is dramatically reduced. There are lots of canned fruits contain high sugar and are absorbed by the body of the liquid as the carrier, making the sugar absorption rate greatly increased in a short period of time led to a sharp rise in blood. , the pancreas load is increased. At the same time, due to higher energy, leads to obesity too.
3. Preserved foods
In the pickle process, requires a lot of salt, which causes excessive sodium content of such food, resulting in kidney burden often eat preserved foods, increased risk of high blood pressure. Also, the food in the curing process can produce large amounts of carcinogenic nitrosamines, which increase risk of nasopharyngeal cancer and cancer. In addition, due to high concentrations of salt can severely damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, people who often eat preserved food, the incidence of getting gastrointestinal inflammation and ulcers will be higher.
4. Processed meat (ham)
These foods contain a certain amount of nitrite. It may lead to potential risks of the cancer. In addition, due to adding preservatives, coloring agents and color retention agent will be result in human liver burden. Also, ham products are mostly high-sodium foods, eating a lot can lead to intake of excessive salt, cause fluctuations in blood pressure and renal function impairment.
5. Fat and animal visceral kind of food
Although it contains a certain amount of high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals, the fat and visceral kind of food contain a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol, has been identified as the two types the most important of dietary factors causing heart disease. Now it clears that eating large quantities of foods of animal organs can substantially increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer (such as colon cancer, breast cancer) risk.
6. Cream products
Often eat cream-type products can lead to weight gain. Even appear blood sugar and blood lipids increased. Eating cream cake before meals will reduce appetite. High-fat and high-sugar ingredients often affect gastrointestinal emptying, and even lead to gastroesophageal reflux. A lot of people appear sour regurgitation, heartburn and other symptoms after eating cream products with limosis.
7. Instant noodles
It belongs to high-salt, high-fat, low vitamin, and low mineral food. One hand, due to the high salt content of increasing renal load, or hypertension; the other hand, contains a certain amount of artificial fat (trans fatty acids), has a considerable negative impact on the cardiovascular. And it contains preservatives and flavor may have potential adverse effects on the liver.
8. Grilled foods
It contains strong carcinogens.
9. Frozen desserts
Including ice cream, ice cream. There are three problems: due to containing higher cream. It easily leads to obesity because of the high sugar and reduces appetite; stimulate the gastrointestinal tract may also be due to low temperature.
10. Preserved fruit, plum and candied foods
Containing nitrite, which can be combined with the amine to the formation of potentially carcinogenic amine nitrite in the human body; contain flavor additives may damage the liver and other organs; containing higher salt may lead to high blood pressure and kidney burden.

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