What are the worst scientific and technical companies in the United States

By: Hayden

According to media reports, the technology industry American need to survive is not based on the concept of "the customer is God". Most are often blamed because of poor customer service. Recently, media was graded technology companies in the United States, some of the well-known technology companies may be surprising you.
Telecom operators CenturyLink
Rating: 66/100
It is 4 percent lower than last year, and is also the lowest score of fixed telephone service providers.
Today, more and more consumers abandon the fixed telephone instead of using the mobile phone. Typically, this means that fixed-line telephone company will get a higher evaluation, after all, remained customers are the most satisfied with their service.
The real situation is not so. Due to the fast decay of fixed telephone subscribers, many companies no longer invest for the construction of new facilities, nor the introduction of new services, user satisfaction is naturally greatly reduced.
Social networking site Twitter
Rating: 66/100
Twitter was first included in the appraisal range. This year is also the first year of a number of social networking sites to accept the appraisal. Overall, their customer satisfaction is not high.
The users are mostly worried about the sharing and use of personal data, and more and more spam make people can't stand.
Cable company Cox Communications
Rating: 63/100
Cox Communications gets a negative comment from customers because of higher and higher fees. Cox Communications provides consumers with more and more choices, but the expensive price and the stability of the TV signal let people bother. The most unbearable, Cox Communications marketing strategy is very annoying, it is the first to use low prices to attract consumers, after customers are used to use their services, they will brazenly raise fees.
Social network LinkedIn
Rating: 63/100
The social service company is the second lowest score. The user is dissatisfied. The main reason is LinkedIn adopt various means to increase revenue. Such as LinkedIn "LinkedIn Recruiter", as long as the companies need it to pay the $ 7,000 fee, set out in their recruitment job requirements, you can receive a long list of the LinkedIn user list to meet the requirements.
Time Warner Cable
Rating: 63/100
Compared to last year, increase of 4 percentage points.
The reason why the evaluation of the company is increased, the part reason is because since August last year, it lost 129,000 subscribers. This also means that the rest of the customers are loyal users. At the same time, the company also received a portion of broadband users in the same period.
Rating: 61/100
It is lower 5 percentage points, compared with last year, making it the lowest score of the social networking site.
In 2012, the fate of Facebook was erratic. It forces the user to use the Timeline style personal pages, leading to a lot of people complained. In May, IPO was lost.
TV service provider Comcast
Rating: 61/100
It is the second lowest score in the cable TV service providers.
Since last August, Comcast lost 400 million subscribers. There are two reasons, first, it introduced other video services, taking away part of the user; the other is customer satisfaction is declined, some people choose to leave.
Cable operator Charter Communications
Score: 59/100
It is the lowest scores of cable service providers. For 10 years, the company has been included in the ratings category, score is more than 60 points only twice.

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