What are the different applications of recycled rubber

By: Sunil Dolia

The technological advancements have made it possible to gain a number of recycling opportunities for various products, rubber being one of them. Mainly derived from the used tires, rubber is recycled to conserve several natural resources and to reduce waste. This recycled rubber is in the form of rubber particles that can further be utilized in various applications and consumer products. These new products made of reclaimed rubber are economical in use. Let us see the kinds of applications in which this 100% recycled rubber can be used.

Sport Surfaces: Recycled rubber finds a lot of applications in this area. There are various types of surfaces that can be developed using reclaimed rubber, such as recreation and kindergarten playground areas, athletic tracks, school sports areas, and tennis and basketball courts. Golf tee-off areas, lawn bowling greens, swimming pool surrounds and garden paths can also designed using 100% recycled rubber.

Automotive Industry: There are several applications of Eco friendly rubber in the auto industry too. You may reclaim rubber to use in developing bumpers, splash guards, fenders, floor mats and liners, car body under-seal, rustproof materials, and Dunnage materials used in shipping.

Building and Construction: The environment friendly recycled rubber has various uses when it comes to building and construction materials. Tires that are recycled can be utilized in a variety of asphalt paving projects. The recycled rubber can also replace gravel as an aggregate base used in concrete, and this concrete can then be utilized to make foundations, floors, walls, sidewalks, and driveways. Tires can also be recycled to reclaim rubber that can form roof tiles and shingles. The Eco friendly rubber also finds applications in constructing dams, silo, waterproofing compounds, and hospital, bathroom and industrial flooring.

Sealants and Adhesives: You can also reclaim rubber to make adhesive and sealing compounds, non-slip and textured paints, conveyor belting repair and expansion joint compounds, and roof coating and waterproofing compounds. The environment friendly recycled rubber also finds its usage as a compounding ingredient or filler in rubber moldings and extrusions.

Geotechnical and Asphalt Applications: Such types of applications of recycled rubber include subsoil drainage, drainage pipes, soil conditioner, sub-base for horse racing tracks, porous irrigation pies, filtering agent for mercury and metallic surfaces, and road building and repair.

Rubber and Plastic Products: The rubber that has been recycled can go into making several plastic or rubber products, such as pipe lining and insulation materials, flower pots, garbage cans, baseboards, kick plates, and shoes soles and heels. The other products that can use this recycled rubber include agricultural and industrial tires, barn mats, flooring, conveyor rollers and idlers, and fillers in plastic moldings and extrusions.

Safety Products: The applications these environmentally friendly recycled rubber particles can have in the shock absorption and safety products include shock absorbing pads for machines and rails, highway sound barriers, crash barriers and abrasion lining for mining equipment.

Apart from the above applications, the rubber that is recycled in plants can lead to the manufacturing of a variety of other products.

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