What are the Unique Characteristics of Roll Top Baths?

By: Kyung Demaria

For many people the bathtub is the centerpiece of their bathroom design and a lot of thought is put into exactly what kind of bath they want to use.

This may seem like it is a lot of thought put into a bathroom, but the fact of the matter is we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom, for a variety of reasons, so it really does make sense that a person would want to make sure that their bathroom looks and feels the way that they want it to.

When you think about how the look of a bathtub sets off the whole image of the bathroom, it is even easier to understand why people will put so much effort into picking the right tub for their bathroom.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to choosing a bath. Baths range in style from the modern to the classical with a dizzying variety of shapes and sizes. In fact there are so many bath styles to choose from that it can be a bit intimidating.

While everyone will of course have their own preference, one set of bathtubs which will always work, no matter what the design, are the classic roll top baths. Roll top baths can fit into just about any bathroom you can imagine because, while roll top baths have a bit of a classical look, they also blend well with more modern designs.

Of course someone reading this may be asking "what is a roll top bath." Well, roll top baths are a freestanding bath design with the edges rolled to make a curved ring around the top of the bath.

When someone thinks about old style bathrooms, more often than not, the bathtub they envision is one of the many variations of roll top baths. These baths can range is size and shape but tend to be fairly large and deep with one end curing up a bit higher to provide a back rest. At one time roll top baths were the most common type of bath you would find in most people's bathrooms. While they faded out of popularity for a while, they recently have been making a strong comeback as more people go for the classic style in their bathrooms.

What makes roll top baths unique and defines the, from other kinds of baths is the rolled top. This curve which follows the entire top of the bath gives a softer, gentler feel to the bathtub, which makes it a great way to offset the hard angles that are often found with the counters and cabinetry of most bathrooms.

Whilst the look of roll top baths is different, in all other ways it really functions just like any other freestanding bath. Roll top baths holds water, they drain water, and depending on the size they can be quite comfortable to relax in while taking a bath. What makes roll top baths so popular is that it provides the feeling of nostalgia and elegance that so many of us enjoy having in our bathrooms.

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When people look at a new tub for their bathroom, it can often be difficult to choose from the variety that is available. This article discusses the merits of roll top baths and why they should certainly be high up on anyways list when looking for a new bathtub.

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