What are the Treatments to Stop Nail Biting?

By: Steven Wilson

Nail biting just occurs subconsciously, it is not something that we wish to do. It normally seems impractical to stop nail biting though you try hard to eliminate it. During the past couple of years, it has been a common problem which needs to be dealt with sometimes. A few of the common treatments to bring nail biting to an end and to stop this frightening difficulty have been recognized.
Let us learn some of treatments:
Medications are often prescribed to stop nail biting. Although not a medical complication, nail biting is a nagging complication that sometimes demands medical attention. Considering this, doctors usually prescribe anti-depressants to stop nail biting. Medications such as, setraline, clomipramine, venlafaxine and citalopram are given for augmenting the condition. It is basically one way of treating the primary cause of nail biting, which is depression.
Hypnotherapy is Useful
Hypnotherapy, known as hypnosis to us is very effectual way to bring end to nail biting. There is not anything to be cynical about it. Hypnotherapy is the technical way that assists in relieving anxiety and stress ? the two common causes of nail biting. With the assistance of a qualified hypnotherapist you could actually eliminate this difficulty.
Habit Reversal Remedies to Stop Nail Biting
Reversal therapy is very useful in treating a lot of complications, including nail biting. It is an exclusive therapeutic approach that highlights on unlearning the awful behaviors. It mainly involves the course of replacing the bad behavior that is nail biting in this case, with something useful. This cure is more helpful when used with medicines as a combination.
Some Topical Treatments
You can as well start your mission by applying some topical creams or may be nail polish on the nails to prevent yourself from biting from time to time. Doing so will stop you from biting your nails as you usually did. However, this process might take time to show results as you would actually be unlearning the bad behavior. But, it is extremely effective when practiced for some time and many people have actually benefited the most out of this treatment than any other mentioned method.
Will Power Still Can Do The Trick
It is very easy to say Stop! But is it that easy to actually stop? Its not! People often make resolutions and forget within a week. What you need to do is master your mind. Watch yourself and try to recognize the triggers; there?s something that compels you to bite your nails. Find out and deal with the cause and you?ll surely get the result.

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Steven Wilson is ex habitual nail biter who tried every possible cure for this habit. Steven gives a clear observation of different treatment for nail biting and shares his personal method he used to stop biting nails in just 6 days.

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