What are the Different Wood Baseball Bat Materials?

By: Daniel Nill

It is said that wood bats are originated with the game of baseball. The modern day bats are found to be very similar to the bats used earlier but varies in weight and features a thinner handle.

Why does a softball player love to use wooden baseball bats?

Wood bat helps to acknowledge and make perfect swing while hitting
Offers faster swing and good hitting capability to the player
Little bit heavier that aluminum, the wooden baseball bats lead to faster and more controlled swing

When you are going to buy wooden baseball bats, it is important to be aware of what wood material the bat is made up of. As each material plays a great role in enhancing the bats functionality.

Please find out the details about different wood materials used to make a high performance wooden baseball bat:

#1- Ash:

Baseball made up of ash are found to be more flexible.

Most of the players prefer baseball bats made up of ash wood as it gives the ability to feel the ball while hitting.

Due to the flex in the bat and wood’s lightweight characteristics, ash baseball bats are typically preferred more by the contact/line drive hitters

#2- Maple:

Maple is the most common type of wood that is used to make baseball bats that are used by Major League Baseball players.

Extremely dense maple wood is extremely dense that offers a harder hitting surface and stiffer flex in a bat.

#3- Birch:

Birch wood baseball bat has combined effect of both maple and ash wood, which makes it unique.

Baseball made up of birch wood is one of the wood types, which is approved for Major League Baseball (MLB).

One of the leading manufacturers, D-Ville (http://www.dvillebaseball.com/) believes that yellow birch bats are significantly better than bats made from maple or ash based, which is strongly backed by experienced league players. Hard like maple and flexible as ash wood, yellow birch bats offer lower breakage rate enhancing performance and lasts long.

#4- Bamboo:

By pressing bamboo strips into long/rectangular billets and then turning these billets into the shape of a round baseball bat is the process that is used to make bamboo baseball bats.

Bamboo baseball bats are strong and durable but it is not approved by MLB use. Before buying make sure the bamboo base ball bat carries a BBCOR certification mark that can be used for organized play at lower levels.

#5- Composite Wood:

These types of wooden baseball bat are found to be most durable one in the market.

Composite wood baseball bats are great but need BBCOR certification for using in wood bat leagues or other leagues.


Major League Baseball strictly uses wood baseball bats, which makes it important to buy baseball bats that are made up of with right type of wood and offers durability and flexibility as well as enhances the bat’s performance. Do not forget to take some necessary steps of maintaining your wooden baseball bats; this will help in enhancing its durability and efficiency.

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