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Pasta, according to legend, a kind of Western Pasta was evolved from the China, now is worldwide popularity, not only because of its bright colors, enticing aroma, but also because it has a variety of eating, can satisfy a variety of appetites the crowd. But do you really understand the way of eating pasta? How is its dining etiquette?
What is Pasta
Pasta is a general term for a variety of length, width and shape of noodles, accompanied by sauces or fill fillings consumption. In Italian, "pasta" the term also refers to all kinds of food made by dough (bread, pizza), but generally speaking, "pasta" refers to the noodles.
Pasta is the most likely to be accepted by people all over the world. About the origin of spaghetti, some said it was derived from ancient Rome, and some said it was introduced by Marco Polo from China and then spread throughout Europe. As the raw material of pasta, durum wheat is the most hard wheat varieties, with high-density, high-protein, high-gluten characteristics, it is whole yellow body of paste, taste well.
Classification of pasta
Italy has 400 different types of pasta, according to styling, classified 60 kinds of traditional category. These categories are: long type (for example, round noodles, flat noodles), short style (smoke tube -shaped, arc-shaped, shell-shaped), pasta with fillings, flavored pasta (such as squid ink pasta) , sheet or baked pasta (such as lasagna), as well as pasta adding into the soup. There are specific categories, in addition to the spaghetti we regularly eat, there are macaroni, lasagna, tagliatelle, vermicelli and ravioli.
When to serve
In Italy, pasta is as a primo first, rather than as a secondo. Formal lunch or dinner usually follows the serving order: Primo (appetizers, such as ham, meat and fruit), soup, pasta, Secondo, salad, cheese, dessert, fruit, espresso and after-dinner drinks.
How to eat Pasta
Restaurant will leave an edible meal pasta fork in the left hand side od diners, put a meal spoon on the right hand side. Italian habit is first to put the paste in a bowl, then pour the sauce, can also add cheese. Use your forks and spoons to stir evenly paste, when eat, only use a fork.
Remember do not cut off your paste, because it would be regarded as naive performance.
According to the Italian said, spoons are generally used by children, as well as outsiders who do not know the use of table manners.
Most people get no adhesion of tomato sauce or oily sauces, be sure to use the fork four tines to roll up small amounts of noodles, or may not only spill the sauce, and it is a ritualnot to eat out of it. Europe often says, Western food culture thanks to pasta, precisely because of birth, invention of knife and fork and table manners.
Note etiquette
In Italy, the owner said "Buon appetito!" (please enjoy), you can start the meal.
Bread and pasta should not be eaten at the same time. It is taboo in Italy.
When have dinners with guests together, the Italian people are generally not anxious. A meal may last one to four hours. In the Italian restaurant, bills often include a service charge, but give the waiter a tip of 5% is also very desirable.
Pasta Sauce
Pasta Sauce is divided into tomato sauce, pesto sauce, cream sauce and squid-ink sauce. Tomato sauce is mainly made from tomatoes, currently appearing most; pesto sauce is based on basil, pine nuts, grains , olive oil , etc., rich flavor and quite special; cream sauce is mainly unsalted butter, made with flour and milk??, mainly used in seafood lasagna and spaghetti; squid-ink sauce is made with cuttlefish juice, primarily used on squid and other seafood pasta.
Pasta taste
It is best to cook pasta "al dente" (the Italian phrase literal translation is "touch the teeth"). This means that both should be soft, but also chewy. The best way to get this effect is to use a high-quality flour, and cooking time just right, so that the taste is neither too hard, nor too soft.

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