What are hybrid telephone systems?

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What are Hybrid Telephone Systems
Hybrid telephone system follows a combination of conventional telephone system technology and the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology so as to allow the users to make & receive some calls using the conventional local telephone connection. However, the technology facilitates routing other calls through the internet so that all the add-on feature of VoIP telephone technology can be availed by the users as per their requirements.
In other, 3 major varieties of telephone systems are available in the market - KSU- Less phones, Key Telephone systems and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Telephone systems. The telephone system that uses a combination of the PBX and the key telephone system is normally referred to as the Hybrid System.

Control Module:

Hybrid telephone system generally uses a central controlling module that helps in configuring the functionality of the system. As and when a call is made on a conventional telephone line the control module takes over the management of that call by handling the call as per the instructions provided by the configuration files built by the system administrator. When users make a call, it is the control module that determines the route that call will follow and the type of technology it will make use of.


In a archetypal configuration, it is the system administrator that provide instructions to the system for using conventional telephone lines in case of local calls that are made for free. When it comes to handling the more expensive long-distance as well as international calls, the system administrator provides instruction to the system to use VoIP circuits, which are relatively cheaper. In case of VoIP connections, the control module utilizes some special variety of software for converting voices into the data packets that are compatible to IP or Internet Protocol and that are ready to be sent over internet connection.

Some of the functions that are available in a typical hybrid telephone system are room-to-room intercom, flexible lined buttons, flexible ringed assignment, room monitor, online conferencing facility, day, night as well as lunch mode options of setting, optional built-in card for messaging, compatibility with office based voice mailing system, integration of voice mailing system, call identification, call waiting and call logging options, integration with single-line mechanism device, DISA or Direct Inward System Access with the facility to send messages and fax detection, door phone as well as door and gate opener, call forwarding facility, SSD or system speed dialing option, toll restriction, page picking up and paging option, off-the-house call forwarding option, computer programming with the help of remote as well as OSSA or on-the-site system administration.

A number of business houses use hybrid telephone system wherein they utilize the existing conventional telephone network system for making and receiving local calls while the VoIP based infrastructure to take care of the long distance and the international calls to curb on their expenditure and preventing the traditional existing telephone system from being rendered useless. This, at the end of the day not only saves communication costs but also helps the companies to save expenditures on setting up communication system as the existing telephone infrastructure make up a portion of the modern set up that the companies eye for.

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