What are electronic cigarettes and e-juices?

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Electronic revolution has been flourishing and this count for changes in every sphere of life. We see portable video games to palmtop computers everywhere. Every single piece of material that we see around has relation with some electronic component either in itself or even at the manufacturing stage. So, it is no surprises that now even the cigarettes have taken an electronic form. The e-cigarettes have been around the corner for a while but flourished recently as more and more people became health conscious. Moreover the smoking ban has also become severe.

The electronic cigarettes are basically reusable electronic gadgets that look similar to traditional cigarettes and deliver nicotine. They are commonly known as e-cigs. They are known to be safer alternative for smoking and can be used in enclosed places like rooms without the fear of catching fire. The e-cig doesn’t emit ashes, smoke and butt. For these reasons, they are not yet confined to the ban on public smoking. Moreover, if you compare the price of electronic cig with conventional ones, they are quite reasonable ones. For all these reasons, people are opting for e-cigs over any other options.

If you look at the e-cigarette, it resembles the normal ones in all aspects expect for the absence of harmful chemicals. The electronic one makes use of a battery and light emitting diode for giving the smoking experience. It has a disposable filter that contains a cartridge in which the vaporized nicotine would be seen. The nicotine is dissolved in propylene glycol which is known to be a food additive. As you take a drag, the nicotine vapors would enter your lungs and as you blow out, it evaporates quickly leaving no smoke or odor. The nicotine strength in the e-cig can vary from low, mid to high range. But even the high range cartridge would deliver only one-third amount of nicotine that usually a single drag in the conventional one gives. The life time of the cigarette is also more as cartridges do not burn down. If the regular cigarettes last for 15 puffs, the electronic cigarettes would give around 300 puffs.

The e-cigs are provided with yet another option. For cost effectiveness of the drag, the nicotine juices which are popularly known as e-juices are available in a wide variety of flavors. The e-juices are seen in tempting flavors like Amaretto, Banana, Banana Split, Blueberry, Caramel, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon Danish Swirl, Coconut, Coffee Bean, Cola, Cool mint, Crumb cake, Double Chocolate, French vanilla, French Toast, etc. The refill cartridges are seen in 10 ml, 15 ml and even 30 ml or 50 ml bottles. By using each 10 ml bottle, you can refill up to 40 cartridges with just a few drops of the e-juice from a cartridge.

The e-cigs have been regarded as an effective smoking alternative and has helped chain smokers control their nicotine cravings. It has been used by smokers even to quit the habit by lessening the nicotine strength gradually. This would help in combating the fear of withdrawal. Thus the e-cigs have become the smart choice for the smokers. The harmful effect of passive smoking can also be driven off by using e-cigs.

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