What are Impacts of Green Building?

By: navjeet kaur

Green buildings are sustainable buildings which are economic, environment friendly and use energy efficient resources. For any purpose from the construction, maintenance, renovation and appropriate designs people hire professionals known as green builders. By using various new technologies in creating the green buildings has given us numerous benefits such as they are energy efficient, improves the employee productivity, reduces waste which in turn reduces pollution and also protects human health. As in the construction of green buildings, we use natural materials so it also reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide in the environment. There are many positive impacts of green buildings; some of them are illustrated below:

Impact on health – The main focus of green builders is to improve the quality of air inside the house. This can be achieved by proper ventilation so that fresh air can pass through the house. It can also be done by planting more trees in the surroundings which decreases the carbon footprints in the house. The designs of green buildings are so made that they ensure natural light should enter the house incorporating with the air. It lowers the sick building syndrome which includes dizziness, irritation on skin and headache. It also lowers the impact of respiratory problems like asthma to a great extent. So it ensures peaceful environment in the house.

Impact on Surroundings – As in urban areas with increasing population, there are many adverse effects on the surroundings such as increasing pollution, cutting of large amount of trees and above of it is affecting the wildlife. So, with the increase in construction of green buildings it gives us many benefits such as preserves nature, ensures diverse wildlife, makes our landscapes green and healthy and reduces pollution from the atmosphere.

Significant approach towards saving resources – In green buildings we use green appliances which minimize the energy and water consumption. During its construction, it uses renewable and carbon technologies which fulfills energy needs and maximizes the natural efficiencies of the house. One of the major appliances that can be used to reduce energy consumption is use of solar panels which use renewable source of energy that is sun. In green buildings there is use water management system which helps in reusing the waste water for gardening purpose.

Minimizes the waste material – As in construction of green buildings there is use of durable materials which generates less waste and also the material can be recycled and reused afterwards for other purposes.

Improves quality of life – Staying in healthy environment, it increases the satisfaction in one’s mind which in turn improves the productivity of work. Due to conscious construction, it will tend to lower the amount of dust, pollution and even noise. So, it gives increases the comfort level of individuals living in such buildings.

After reading the above mentioned points, you can conclude the green buildings have abundant positive impacts on individual’s life. You can hire green builders for this purpose as they will ensure that you live in healthy surroundings with positive economic and social impacts on one’s life.

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