What are Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorders?

By: Roger Smiths

Depression is defined as an illness involving thoughts, mood and the body. It influences an individualís way of eating and sleeping, the way he or she think about things and the way he or she feel about himself or herself. Factors causing depression include stress, certain medications, certain medical illnesses, and family history with traits of depression, hormonal factors and a substance abuse history. GAD or Generalized anxiety disorder is defined as a common anxiety disorder involving chronic nervousness, worrying and tension. A person with generalized anxiety disorder starts anticipating disaster, excessive worry about money, work, health or family.

What are the symptoms: You may detect these symptoms by looking for their symptoms. Depression usually consists of symptoms like losing interest in routine activities, irritability or anger, reckless behavior, loss of energy, feeling helpless and hopeless, changes in appetite or weight, strong feeling of guilt or worthlessness, trouble in concentrating, changes in sleep and unexplained aches. If you sense these symptoms in yourself or anyone close to you, you must consult your doctor. Symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder are classified into three parts. Emotional symptoms are feeling anxiety beyond control, unstoppable worries, and feeling of not be able to handle uncertainty, extreme thoughts about things inviting anxiety and invasive feelings of dread. Finding it hard to focus, inability to enjoy quiet time, running from anxious situations and putting off things because of fear of feeling overwhelmed are the behavioral symptoms. The third classification of physical symptoms consists of nausea, feeling of edginess, feeling tense and trouble with falling asleep and also staying asleep. People with such symptoms must consult their doctors without any delay.

What is the medication: Lexapro or escitalopram oxalate is the antidepressant treats depression and generalized anxiety disorder and is classified as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It is also used to treat other psychological disorders like eating and personality disorders.

How does it work: Lexapro dosage acts to increase the feeling of well being in a person. It contains the potential to increase the level of energy and reduce feelings of unease. This is done by building again the chemical serotonin balance.

Are there any side effects: Yes, medications may have side effects. Some may be minor and some severe. You must report to your doctor if you experience common side effects while using Lexapro that can be diarrhea, increased sweating, constipation, nausea, trouble sleeping, dizziness, decreased sexual ability or desire and an upset stomach. Some of the severe side effects can be bloody or black stools, severe allergic reactions, worsening of depression, suicidal thoughts, restlessness, severe dizziness and vision changes.

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