What are 3D Models?

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A 3D model is a representation of any three-dimensional object using computer graphics software. A 3D Model can be displayed virtually as a 2D image through a process called 3D rendering or used in a 3D computer simulation, animation, or visualization.

Creating a 3D model is often a time consuming and an expensive process. Therefore, 3D modelers, animation and production studios, advertising agencies, architects, TV and movie production houses often save time and money by using already made 3D models from sites like FlatPyramid.com in their projects.

The 3D models on websites such as Flat Pyramid are created by highly skilled 3D modelers or artists from all over the world that use specialized 3D software, 3D plug-ins and other 3D applications to create a variety of 3D models in several 3D categories and multiple file formats, such as: 3d Studio Max, Maya, OBJ, Lightwave, Open Flight, Softimage XSI, and Cinema 4D.

Why Use 3D Images?

A 3D digital image is worth a million words

In today’s world, inventors need to be able to communicate their ideas in highly realistic digital formats to gain maximum exposure. They need to quickly and easily describe the benefits of their ideas to be able to license or commercialize it. Flat Pyramid provides a competitive service where ideas/patents/designs are digitally created in 3D model to clearly communicate the features, benefits and design of the invention or idea. Studies have shown that people are more willing to commercialize or license a product if they can see how it works digitally, when not physically available for inspection.
Key Benefits of using 3D Images
• Visual representation of your idea.
• Sell your ideas faster - visually communicate product benefits and features.
• Save time & money - 3D models cost less and are ready faster than physical prototypes.
• Share your 3D model with multiple clients at a time.
• Obtain financing - improve your chances of getting investment capital by visually communicating your idea.
• Showcase your digital prototype online - post it on www.flatpyramid.com to advertise your invention and potentially sell the digital prototype worldwide.

Below are some top tips to help you develop your 3D model and other 3D content projects faster.
Make sure your team knows why faster development is important. Make the link between the speed to finish the 3D modeling project and the profit/rewards and share it with your team.

Also, show this urgency through your actions and decisions, when the team needs a decision from you, don’t sit on that decision!
Get involved early in the 3D modeling process. You will get far more leverage on your time when you get involved early. You will be able to influence the direction and the outcome much easier than trying to make changes later.
Delegate the authority to your team early so you can get faster decision making. Set a clear goal at the beginning, so you can then step out of the way and let your team make faster decisions, and take responsibility for the finished 3D project.
Give your team frequent face time. Your presence and constant communication will send strong and positive signals to the team.

You don't need to spend too much time, what is important is the frequency of your communication and meetings. This will allow you to be informed about the progress and detect problems when they are small and easy to solve.

If you are looking for custom 3D projects, contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.

At Flat Pyramid we have highly qualified artists that can deliver high quality 3D custom work for your next project.

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