What after graduation program BMS?

By: sachin K

Graduation completes..!! Now what next? Many students get confused about thinking what to do after graduation. They donít certain about one thing like job, master degree or some other course. Some also think about 1-2 year work experience and then post graduate. Same situation students face after doing Bachelor in Management Studies (BMS). They donít have a clear idea of opting the next thing.

Let me suggests you with some options:

If you look at the professional studies, then you can Apply online courses for MBA, CA, CS, CFA, CFP or M.Com etc., but the foremost thing in doing any of this course is, you should know about your capabilities. Ace requires to ponder by looking into details of each course and anticipate what career prospect is available to you after doing these courses and whether one is contented with the same or not.

To boot, if you are picturing something, and so you require to see the requirement of professional instruction to bring better returns for your vocation. For instance, say if you are about to do CS or CA after graduation, then you donít require to have in advance experience as it is a portion of a prospectus in terms of internship of the program.

After BMS, most likely students go for MBA. Online postgraduate courses India They consider it as a next step after bachelor degree. Before 1990ís MBA was mainly considered as professional course to be complete in order to improvise your business. But with the rising MNC, in post 1990ís the Indian aspirants started taking 2-5 years work practice and then join for MBA. But these days contender are making a big mistake by joining MBA just after the graduation as a stage to get the job. It is an advice to take experience in advance to understand your work and yourself in term of capability and incapability.

To see more of what BMS students can recall over their career, we have advised on following different situations with some useful advice:

∑ The first situation- Students are keen to join a family business.

Suggestion: He/she can join the business for 1-2 years for gaining the knowledge and experience. Later he/she can join the MBA program related to their business or marketing or finance as per the requirements. It will help their business to grow steadily.

∑ The second situation is about: student eager to join job directly.

Suggestion: Candidates are advised to look for further studies, but if they have decided to do a job, then marketing jobs, finance or HR related job is preferable, so as to get experience in their own field. And later, they can plan for some online postgraduate course to polish them.

∑ Next situation is: student plan to join further studies.

Suggestion: All those who are contriving to perform further studies are advised to visualize their career after the postgraduate degree. And also think that after this, are you able to achieve your professional goals or not? For instance, a BMS student always eager to become a Marketing Professional, then the students should opt for MBA in marketing, or if you are thinking about company finance then CA or MBA in finance is good choice for you.

∑ Fourth situation is: Student opt post graduation after 1-2 years experience.

Suggestion: Apprentices are always advised to focus on their area of interest while choosing their job.

For example: many students go into commerce for marketing or financial product, now they are recommended to go for same line after graduation so that they can make better use of their 4 years experience- 2 year in appraising interest and another 2 year in a post graduate program.

Situations and considerations may vary for each and every student as per their individual, proficient or social requirements. As this is the initial stage, one should yield it a probability to evaluate his area of interest in order to throw a suitable goal in the hereafter.

Itís not only about after BMS, student faces these situations in every course. So all are advised to think about their long term plan i.e. goal. If you have lack of time or financial issue then online postgraduate course are available in a huge array. You can definitely go for it.

To assign it in a nutshell, Best profession preparation is one which makes us happy in personal, communal and proficient life in total.

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