What You Should Know About Cheap LCD Televisions

By: Alex Bradbury

Yes, they're cheap, which is reason enough to celebrate the coming holidays with a new purchase unwrapped in your living room but are they worth the money and the trouble? You have to hand it to retailers and manufacturers each time a new technology comes out, cheaper brands and models are always close behind. So should you go ahead and buy yourself an LCD television on the cheap or should you think twice?

Here are some things you need to know:

Cheap ain't always bad.

The reason why retailers and manufacturers are selling LCD televisions at cheap prices is competition. There are several major brands around competing soundly for consumer attention Sony, Sharp, LG, Panasonic, Pioneer and Samsung, to name a few. Within that group alone, there is already stiff competition considering that LCD televisions are big ticket items.

Enter new players in the market. Less popular brands such as Bush, Daewoo, Telefunken, Maxent and Vizio are just some of the companies that want a piece of the pie. What this means to the consumer is a good thing. Competition keeps prices stable, allowing some brands to even lower theirs without sacrificing product quality.

There are reasons why an LCD television is being sold cheap.

Before you buy a cheap LCD television, consider the possible reasons why it's being made available at such a low price. Are you getting it out of a clearance sale? Clearance sales mean that the unit you're buying is going to be phased out and replaced with newer models. There are newer features and technologies that you can no longer expect on the cheap unit because it's an older model.

Is it a seasonal sale? In most cases, the reason for retailers selling cheap LCD televisions on seasonal sales is the same for clearance sales. You could still get great value with the unit, though and seasonal sales are excellent opportunities to find an LCD television that fits your dream features and budget.

Is the product used? Buying something that has had a previous owner will assure you that you'll get it at a cheap price. It could also be because the unit you're buying is a demo unit, which means it's been used before but within a store for display purposes or during a trade show.

Still another reason why you might be getting a cheap LCD television is that it might be refurbished. Refurbished electronics aren't really a bad deal, although you'll have to be extra careful in choosing a unit. Some refurbished LCD TVs may be brand new while others may be slightly used. There are some that may have been repackaged as brand new by the manufacturer while there are others that may have undergone parts replacement or minor repairs before being sold off.

In the end, it's all about entertainment.

One thing you should remember about cheap LCD televisions is that ultimately, it all really boils down to how well the TV performs from your point of view. Look for a unit you're comfortable with, something you really like, the kind of LCD television that has all the basic features you need and all the extras you could ever want. After all, you and you alone can decide if that LCD TV satisfies your viewing needs. It could be cheap but as long as you get along well, it might as well be the best priced LCD television in town.

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