What You Need to know about Dehumidifier and Air Cooling Systems

By: Aabher Ray

Humid climate or air can make people feel very uncomfortable and cause problems like excessive sweating. Humid air causes condensation that leads to sleeping disorders. It is also a breeding ground for dust mites, pests and fleas. Low quality air in your home can make children fall ill and it can also make your home smell musty and unclean. According to research, indoor air can be more harmful compared to the polluted air we breathe outdoors.

A dehumidifier is an appliance that helps reduce the concentration of humidity in the air. The dehumidifier produces dehumidified air which is essential for a better and clean atmosphere in your home. If an energy saving dehumidification process is applied, you can easily save on the energy bills up to 30%. It greatly helps eliminate the moisture from the air as the dehumidified air helps reduce the growth of mildew. A dehumidifier should preferably be installed in the basement or the attic of the house. The dehumidifying appliance can be adjusted according to the humidity prevalent in the air. Once installed, it reaps many benefits including circulation of clean and healthy air, ensuring that the likelihood of people falling ill in the house is lesser, especially when one is prone to allergies.

For people suffering from asthma, this equipment should be installed in their house at the earliest. People having asthma are more prone to breathing problems and the dehumidified air will work wonders for them, reducing the breathing attacks. In an enclosed place, the average humidity ranges anywhere between 30 to 50 percent and anything above this tends to make people feel uncomfortable. An extensive range of air dehumidifiers are now available in the market. Before you select a dehumidifier, ensure that you opt for the best one depending on the climatic conditions in your area. The dehumidifier with the help of its mechanisism sucks up the humid air. This reduces the content of humidity in the air, thus making you feel more comfortable and providing a pleasant atmosphere to live in.

The energy saving dehumidification system is economical and can be easily transported from one place to another, that is, it is a portable device. However, like all the household applications, the dehumidifier requires servicing from time to time. It is always best to hire a trained professional to do the same. The air filter of a dehumidifier should be cleaned regularly, at least once every 6 months. The life span of a dehumidifier can range from anywhere between 3 to 15 years. Several dehumidifiers in the market have various other special features installed such as a remote control, multiple speed options, condensation pumps and much more.

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Many energy saving dehumidification systems can be classified depending upon the place it has to be installed. Depending on the requirement of dehumidified air in residential places, offices or industrial areas, the dehumidifier needs to be selected.

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