What You Need To Appreciate About Treatment For Anemia

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Blood that consist of plasma protein, red blood cells and white blood cell must have the highest quality possible for good health. It must be kept with strict pH levels. The red blood cells must have enough iron to provide your body with a tremendous amount of oxygen.

Blood consist of three basic components - plasma, white cells, and red cells. The plasma acts as a carrier for the red and white cells. The white cells are part of the immune system and will attack and destroy foreign matter in the blood. The red cells carry oxygen to all parts of your body.

So what is the main function of the red blood cells? One of the main functions of the red blood cells is carry oxygen to every part of your body. This is done through the network of veins and micro veins. Each cell in your body needs oxygen to burn up and converts food that you eat into energy.

Inside the red blood cells, there is molecules call hemoglobin. At the center of this hemoglobin molecule is an iron molecule. In every red cell, there are up to twenty five million hemoglobin. This means that your body needs 25,000,000 sets of iron molecules for every red blood cell.

Inside each hemoglobin, there are 4 iron molecules. When blood circulates through your lung tissue, it picks up oxygen. The iron in the hemoglobin grabs on to an oxygen molecule. As your blood travel throughout your body the oxygen molecule passes through the walls of veins and feeds the cells that need oxygen.

Red blood cells also have other duties. Once it moves the hemoglobin, iron, and oxygen toward the cells, it picks up carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas created when cells use oxygen to burn up nutrients, which it received from the food you eat. The carbon dioxide is route to the lungs where when you exhale it and release into the air.

It is critical that you get enough iron in your diet. You should not be taking iron pills to provide yourself with iron. An excess of iron from iron pill can make you deadly sick. Some foods have more iron than others. If you eat meat, this will be the main source of your iron.

Do you think you are anemic? There are many symptoms for anemia. If you have experience a loss of blood lately internally or externally you could be anemic. To see if you have anemia, you would need to see a doctor.

You can also become anemic if your diet is deficient in iron food. This happens in many third world countries. But iron deficiency due to diet is also common in the United States. People who eat an excess of junk food and vegetarians who donít eat much meat can be iron deficient.

Meat is where you can get the best iron. But not all people eat the amount of meat needed to maintain high iron levels. This particularly true in third world countries or those who are on vegetarian diets.

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