What You Can Get Done At An Auto Body Shop

By: Ernie Yetis

Dings, dents, scratches and rust are all things that can happen to the body of your car. When they inevitably pop up, an auto body shop is the place to go to get them fixed.

When it comes to cars, the best approach to getting the right fix is to visit a specialist. While an alignment professional can certainly take care of tire problems, he or she probably is going to have problems handling any problems with the electrical system in your car. As the name suggests, auto body shops specialize in fixing the exterior elements of your car. From rust to dents to massive damage from accidents, an auto body shop is where you are going to find the person to return the look of your car back to normal.

The automobile repairer working in a body shop will be called on to straighten bent bodies and frames. They will also remove dents and replace crumbled parts that can’t be fixed. They will restore damaged metal frames and body sections. In short, if it is possible to restore the damaged car to an acceptable condition, the auto body shop will do the work. In the case of neglected cars or classic cars that are being restored to their original look, the body shop will cut away rusted metal. If the rust spots are not too large, filler will be used to patch the holes. If they are too large, the panels will need to be replaced.

Nothing ruins your week more than getting in an accident. You are going to be without your car for a while. So, what does the auto body shop do with it while it is gone? Well, the first step will be to analyze the damage looking from the interior out. Structural problems are identified and fixed first. After that, the body panels are checked. Most cars have detachable panel systems that allow for relatively easy replacement. After the panels are replaced, the car is sent for painting. Painting can be a touchy thing with older cars. A good painter will be an artist. Why? They must match the new paint to the old paint on your car. It can be tricky after a few years of wear and tear in the sun.

It is important to understand that the term “auto body shop” is a catch all phrase. It is much like using the term “doctor”. There are lots of doctors, but you usually want to see a specialist for your particular problem. The same goes with body shops. If you need a paint job because your car paint has faded after years in the sun, you need to focus on finding the top painter in town. The best specialists in the auto body field tend to stick to their specialty, i.e., the best painter is not going to do windows! If you need a specific fix, find them.

At the end of the day, a good auto body shop is like a cosmetic surgeon. Regardless of the effects of time or more immediate damage from a car accident, they can return your car to its desired form. After all, isn’t that what you really want?

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